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Highlights in 2019: trade fair highlights for bathrooms and interiors

You could easily spend the whole year visiting furniture and interior design trade fairs. Never before have people been so interested in finding out what style suits their four walls best. We've marked four trade fairs that really shouldn't be missed in 2019.
You could easily spend the whole year visiting furniture and interior design trade fairs. Never before have people been so interested in finding out what style suits their four walls best. We've marked four trade fairs that really shouldn't be missed in 2019.

Interior design is a universal language, and unbelievably multi-faceted. The following text details four trade fair highlights, including their dates and specific content. So get your diary out. Here are the not-to-be-missed.

BAU: World’s Leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials and Systems

BAU takes place every two years. It focuses on the future of building. Interior and building construction are as much a part of it as project and industrial construction. Over 40 exhibitors, including Bette GmbH, present the status quo of their research and development on a site measuring 200,000 m². This year’s main topics focus on the building industry and its transformation in the course of digitalisation:

  • Digital – processes and architecture: digital planning tools in architecture.
  • Networked – living and working: new workplace and time models, flexible housing planning for the Home Office generation.
  • Integral – systems and constructions: interfaces and planning tools for cross-discipline working; e.g. between architects and engineers.
  • Smart – building technology and light: the Smart Home, the Internet of Things and how to plan and implement modern lighting concepts.

The highly varied supporting programme also includes the Long Night of Architecture on 18 January. From 7pm until midnight, 50 buildings of architectural interest will be opening their doors to interested parties. Guided tours are often accompanied by the architect. BAU organises the appropriate shuttle bus tours. Admission is free, apart from a very few exceptions. But the experience is priceless anyway.

When: 14 until 19 January
Where: Munich
You’ll find Bette in Hall A4 on Stand 420.

Ambiente: The world’s biggest trade fair for consumer goods

What accessories match my furnishing style? And what is this year’s decorating trend? The Ambiente in Frankfurt is one place where you’ll find the answers to these questions. The world’s biggest trade fair for consumer goods presents some 4000 exhibitors from 90 countries to its visitors. The 308,000 m² of the site are divided into three main complexes:

  • Dining: kitchen, household, tables
  • Living: furnishing, decorating, living
  • Giving: gift trends

Admission is only for trade visitors. That is to say, either people from the industry, people who are studying something related, or media representatives from public and private radio, bloggers and vloggers with the focus on Living & life. Definitely a highlight in 2019’s trade fairs for fans of their own four walls.

When: 8 until 12 February
Where: Frankfurt (Main)

ISH: the world’s leading trade fair focusing on the responsible management of water and energy

If you give more than a though to sustainability, make a note in your diary of the date of the world’s leading trade fair for HVAC and water, the ISH, as a trade fair highlight in 2019. This trade fair is now the international meeting place for the industry. More than 60 percent of the almost 2400 (!) exhibitors come from abroad to present their latest innovations and upcoming trends to the international audience. The ISH consists of two main complexes:

  • ISH Water: The world’s biggest showroom for modern bathroom landscapes and sustainable sanitary solutions. The Bathroom of the Future as a design piece is just as much of a feature as the latest installation technology under the aspects of Drinking water hygiene and Materiality.
  • ISH Energy: Solutions to the challenges of climate and resource protection. Modern heating, cooling and air conditioning systems are more efficient and resource-friendly than ever before. Futuristic results can be achieved in combination with the use of sustainable energies and the optimised building automation.

Heating and plumbing can be experienced in large showrooms. And – what is far more important – transparently. Experts at the ISH are only too happy to explain how climate and resource-friendly technology really works. Definitely a trade fair highlight for 2019!

When: 11 until 15 March
Where: Frankfurt (Main)
You’ll find Bette on Stand C99 in Hall 3.1.

ARCHITECT@WORK: Innovative trade fair concept for the architectural scene

Architecture is in a constant state of change. So why shouldn’t architecture trade fairs be as well? The trade fair concept ARCHITECT@WORK, which takes place several times a year, has taken the European trade fair landscape by storm – and now Canada as well. The exhibitors are in partly-open segments rather than in one large open room. This gives the whole event that certain air of a private chat. And chats can easily be continued in the numerous lounges over snacks and drinks. The choice of exhibitors is exclusive. Products need to be submitted in advance, and a committee decides on the “innovative value of each product”. There also has to be a national distribution network. Visitors can look forward to ambience, innovation and exclusive highlights from the world of architecture – and that in several different cities.

Some dates (with Bette Stand):

  • 13 & 14 March in Barcelona, Spain (Stand 108)
  • 28 & 29 March in Bordeaux, France (Stand 90)
  • 09 & 10 May in Kortrijk, Belgium (Stand 235)
  • 05 & 06 June in Marseille, France (Stand 90)
  • 26 & 27 September in Paris, Frankreich (Stand 75)
  • 4 & 5 September in Hamburg, Germany
  • 6 & 7 November in Munich, Germany (Stand 109)
  • 7 & 8 November in Berlin, Germany
  • 13 & 14 November in Milan, Italy (Stand 105)
  • 4. & 5. December in Dusseldorf, Germany (Stand 209)

So which trade fair is as the top of your list? And would you like to read more about the trade fair landscape in our blog? We look forward to hearing from you.


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