and safe

Shower tray installation 

with a system

Water tightness and sound insulation.

Less effort and lower costs.

The installation box Easy Connect and minimum support were developed specifically for the requirements of the modern construction industry. Using them in combination greatly reduces the time and materials required when installing barrier-free shower areas. The Plug-and-Play installation solutions guarantee permanent safety and water tightness with the easiest assembly.

Two steps to 


installation as 

per DIN 18534.

1. Connection with the Plug-and-Play installation box Easy Connect. The waterproof box contains a ready-made connection to the wastewater pipe, and is fitted directly into the floor construction and compound seal.

  1. Sealing collar for standard integration in the compound seal
  2. Plenty of room for the pop-up waste. Flexibility thanks to the pre-installed connection with individual adjustment
  3. Flexible installation height 105 – 205 mm
  4. Protects the unit during the entire installation stage

2. Assembly with the Minimum support. Factory assembled installation system, available for BetteFloor shower areas and shower trays to 35 mm.

  1. Preassembled tray support
  2. Anti-noise mat

All the advantages 

at a glance

  • all parts are factory assembled and perfectly designed to match each other
  • standard-compliant seal with no additional sealing tapes
  • easy control function of the drain in the event of a leak
  • flexible installation height from 105 – 205 mm
  • quick and easy installation of the shower by gluing it to the screed 
  • clean trade interface for clear guarantee allocations 
  • correction of the maintenance joint with no risk of damaging sealing tapes

Installation with a system,

low maintenance and 

a safe investment 


  • can be combined with BetteUltra and the shower areas BetteFloor and BetteFloor Side 
  • Minimum installation height from 35 mm
  • Assembly on screed and wooden floors 
  • Installation option: almost flush-to-floor

Integration in the floor construction

  1. Installation box Easy Connect Easy integration in the compound seal Box, assumes control function for drainage and in the event of a leak
  2. Unfinished floor
  3. Insulation
  4. Soundproofing
  5. Screed
  6. Tiles + adhesive
  7. Shower with minimum support: no need to seal along the edge of the bath

How it's done

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