Minimum effort. Maximum efficiency.

Minimum Support

Minimum Support

Fast, easy and flat installation

The preassembled installation system reduces the amount of time for installing the shower to a minimum. The compact unit of shower and tray support can be combined with the Bette sealing system, and glued directly to the screed or wooden floor. As well as saving time, this practical solution also provides excellent sound insulation.

  • Ideal for new-builds and renovations
  • Suitable for screed or wooden floors
  • Minimum installation height from 35mm
  • Preassembled at the works
  • Can be combined with sealing system
  • With only 17 dB(A), exceeds the higher requirements of sound insulation class 3, VDI 410 (*²for installation on screed including insulation)




Available in combination with:

Installation Option:

Virtually Flush-to-floor

Minimum support Flex

The lead-flexible module

Warehousing can also be optimised with the new Minimum support because the new solution comes as a space-saving retrofitting set, so is not pre-assembled at the works with a shower tray or shower area. Instead, delivery comprises a set of four base strips and two extension strips for a choice of installation height of 35 mm or 40 mm.

*² structural conditions as per the test report
  • Ideal for construction and renovations
  • Adapts flexibly to local conditions
  • Suitable for screed or wooden floors
  • Minimum installation height from 35 mm
  • Only 2 sets for more than 140 shower tray sizes
  • Ideal for stocking

Included in the delivery:

4 × 1200 mm

shortenable base strips 

2 × 600 mm

divisible extension strips

Options with the sets:

Example 1

900 × 900 mm - 4 × shortened base strips

Example 2

1200 × 1200 mm - 4 × base strips

Example 3

1800 × 1200 mm - 4 × base strips and extension strips on two sides

Example 4

1500 × 1500 mm - 4 × base strips and divided extension strips on four sides

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