Image videos

Image videos

Our image videos will give you an insight into our production and the unique characteristics of our materials.


Experience a world innovation: the first shower tile! With its filigree design language, the BetteAir almost seems to blend with the floor – for pure design and absolute design freedom. 

BetteAnti-Slip Sense

BetteAnti-Slip Sense is our latest evolution in slip resistance. Hidden in micro particles, the friction effect is only activated on contact with water. When dry, you will not notice any difference in the look or feel of the bath or shower. So BetteAnti-Slip blends harmoniously with the rest of the bathroom.

BetteAnti-slip sense function & effect

The effect corresponds to an adult person who could stand safely in a sloping, damp shower. With the high reliability, the requirements of evaluation group C according to DIN 51097 are fulfilled - confirmed by TÜV Rheinland LGA with test report BBV 1819168-11b.


Immerse yourself and relax completely. The circular BettePond is spectacular in form and size. Its exceptional diameter of 1500 mm is made possible by the high stability of glazed titanium steel. The external and internal forms are seamlessly connected with a tremendous level of skill and craftsmanship.

Flush-to-floor showers

Bette shower areas in glazed titanium steel are the hygienically perfect solution for the bathroom. Bacteria, germs and dirt are unable to adhere to the pore-free surfaces. The precisely made corners are exceptional, and allow Bette shower areas to be integrated in the bathroom floor like a large tile.

Glazed Titanium-Steel

Bette bathroom products are made of durable titanium-steel alloy and enamel. The material is thin and light yet extraordinarily durable.

Installation box Easy Connect

The installation box Easy Connect is the plug-and-play solution for safely connecting shower trays and baths. All the required components are pre-assembled in a box during manufacture – all that remains to be done is to connect the external pipework.

Clean dog – and bathroom

Clean dog – and bathroom. All that is left after bathing your dog is for you to clear up the chaos and dirt in the shower and bath. This will be easy to do without leaving any traces of your activities if they are made of Bette's glazed titanium steel. A quick wipe, and everything is perfectly clean, and above all – nothing is scratched.

BetteUpstand – Installation without silicone

There are non-visible risks in using highly elastic maintenance joints made from silicone. In addition to mildew building, water can get into the walls through cracks. BetteZarge gives you an option for installing baths and shower trays without silicone. Secure and easy to clean long term. 

Effect colours

Luxurious, sparkling and shimmering colours are also becoming increasingly popular for the bathroom. The effect colours Blue Satin, Forest, Midnight and Daylight specially developed by Bette have opened up a multitude of new and inspiring possibilities for your new Bette bathroom elements.

Effect colour Blue Satin

The soft and delicate mother-of-pearl shimmer flits around the light blue tone of the effect colour Blue Satin. It gives Bette bathroom elements a special aura. Delicately shimmering and with perfect elegance.

Effect colour Midnight

The effect colour Midnight provides a glamorous and brilliant finish. The basic anthracite tone incorporates very fine glitter particles. Depending on how the light falls, the glaze takes on an appearance that varies from darkly mysterious to vibrantly sparkling. Ideal for combining with black and as a contrast to matt natural stone floors.