Laat je op locatie inspireren door onze producten, kleuren en materiaal. Wij kijken uit naar je bezoek.

BetteFuture Days

Unfortunately, our event is already over. For two days, everything was about Bette and bathrooms. But even afterwards, you are welcome to dive into the world of modern bathroom architecture with us! Here you can still find all the content on our world premiere BetteAir, innovative new products and useful installation tips.

BetteFuture Days

Welcome to the World Premiere

Experience the future of bathroom design. We present the new Bette product highlights in an entertaining way: our Innovation Show. Look forward to nature-inspired design, new technology and the world's first shower tile. May we introduce: Our BetteEve and the new BetteAir!

Minimum effort, maximum freedom

Installation of BetteAir

Let's go into detail: What possibilities open up for bathroom designs? How is the BetteAir constructed? How much time does the installation save? These and many other questions are answered here.

Nieuwe producten

Onze nieuwe producten komen tot stand, omdat wij voortdurend sparren met de grenzen van de staal-/emailproductie en de eisen aan de moderne badkamerarchitectuur.