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Sustainable bathroom products for a dream bathroom

We shape dreams out of steel. And create bathrooms for the future. To achieve this, we have been making architectural bathroom products for perfect feel-good moments since 1952. And that you can rely on.

What do we rely on? On our consistency as a family company. Our roots in our East Westphalian home. And on our material: glazed titanium steel. We used it at our production site in Delbrück to create baths, washbasins and shower areas in flowing designs. For inspiring freedom.

Stays natural and brilliant

People long for consistency. That is why we rely on our bathroom products in glazed titanium steel. The natural material is not only durable, but is also extremely light. As malleable as steel, optically, haptically and hygienically it behaves like steel. Hard-wearing and robust.

Our special BetteGlaze® makes the surface harder than marble, plastic or steel. That is why our baths, washbasins and shower trays are scratchproof and UV-resistant. The poreless manufacture provides a brilliant, hygienic finish. Premium quality that we guarantee for 30 years.

Glazed titanium steel is harder than marble, plastic or steel alone.
Steel enamel is uniquely and beautifully shaped and exceptionally hard-wearing.
Steel enamel is uniquely and beautifully shaped and exceptionally hard-wearing

Our surface is extremely even and uniquely beautiful. With our extensive wet-in-wet enamelling process, we combine wafer-thin layers of an enamel formulation with the titanium steel body. Two firing processes, 850 degrees - and the connection will last almost almost forever.


Where the eye finds peace, the mind will also relax. With their poreless surfaces and clear design, our products ensure a pleasant feeling of well-being in the bathroom.


As architecturally challenging as our bathroom products are, they are equally durable and long-lasting. Resistant to temperatures, UV rays and even acids, they last almost a lifetime.


The poreless production has another advantage: it not only looks highly exclusive, but it is also very easy to clean - leaving even more time for relaxation.

We create sustainable bathroom products for the future

What does that mean? Well, for us it means bringing products onto the market that not only promise the perfect moment of relaxation and recuperation, but also protect the environment and save resources.

That is why, over 60 years ago, we chose the natural materials glass and steel. All our products are 100% recyclable and are made on-site in Delbrück - made in Germany. We do not use any chemicals or solvents, and - when the sun is shining - we produce two-thirds of the electricity we need ourselves.

Bette products are not only an aesthetic statement in the bathroom. They are also so hard-wearing and robustly made that they can be considered as partners for life. The excellent eco balance is also confirmed by the Environmental Product Declaration to ISO 14025 and by the U.S. Green Council to LEED.

Maximum precision and quality

We make all our bathroom products exclusively on our own site in Delbrück. Not only do we feel at home here in our East Westphalian home, but we also have the best view of the production.

Careful craftsmanship and the highest level of engineering skills. Precise production and technical sophistication - that's what makes the creation of our bathroom solutions. On site in Delbrück, we are able to implement all the requirements to a great extent.

800 tons that smoothly draw our hard-wearing titanium steel into shape rather than stretching it. It may sound almost loving, but there's a reason for it: with our own shaping technology, we are able to manufacture products of the highest precision and stability. In many variants.

  • over 400 different colours
  • numerous dimensions and additional features
  • exclusive special orders

Our special deep-drawing process allows the titanium-finished panels to flow into the mould slowly and precisely.
The manual work starts in the manufactory and grinding shop.

What you can rely on

Our bathroom products last a long time. We guarantee it.

Hard-wearing, scratchproof, UV-resistant - the extensive processing of glazed titanium steel means that our products not only look good, but above all that they are extremely durable. We are so convinced by the quality that we give a 30-year warranty on all Bette bathroom products.

  1. *1You'll find further information on our warranty terms and conditions here

Personal advice

You can rely on our bathroom products. And on our service. That is why we offer you an individual consultation to help with the selection, design, conception and installation of our products. By email, phone or on-site with our trained staff.

Individual customisations

In our manufactory in Delbrück, we will also process individual single pieces in glazed titanium steel if required. Sometime a few centimetres can make all the difference, especially when designing or renovating a small bathroom. That's why we make the planning easier for you by manufacturing washbasins, baths and shower trays to individual dimensions. Our staff will be pleased to advise you personally.

Easy installation

Highest design standards, particularly easy to fit. We have developed our bathroom products in such as way that they can be installed and fitted quickly and in just a few movements.

We work fairly, reliably, sustainably.

Good behaviour is a matter of course for us. We comply with the law and with anti-trust legislation. And we do not tolerate corruption. You can find these and other rules of our mutual cooperation in our Bette Code of Conduct. In it we set out the standards by which we work and the principles to which we are committed: To the rules of free competition, for example. To the fact that we conserve resources and operate sustainably. Or that our corporate culture is characterised by openness, tolerance and appreciation. Fairness you can rely on.
Want to find out more? Click here for our Code of Conduct.

Our products are design objects with substance: they bring reliability and groundedness into the bathroom - for that feeling of arriving.

Thilo C. Pahl Managing Partner
Managing Partner Thilo C. Pahl

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