Convenient, tool-free, no small parts, reliable.

In a matter of seconds

The self-locking feet are glued on.

Easy to fit

Anyone who can adjust a folding lounger can now also level shower trays - a spirit level is all you need.

One foot for everything

BetteLevel is suitable for shower surfaces and shower trays of any size.

Have you had enough of too many parts when installing shower trays

  • Do you recognise this? Sometimes you have a missing part or tool?
  • It's always the screw in the rear corner that needs readjusting.
  • Everything is always different and doesn’t fit. 

It’s easy to adjust shower trays with BetteLevel. The feet glued onto each corner are easily adjusted to any height-: adjust, lock, unlock again if necessary by lifting up again – just like a folding lounger.
Familiar principle - folding lounger
Adjusting BetteLevel is child's play: lift the shower surface, lock it by releasing it to within half a millimetre and, if necessary, unlock it again by lifting it again.

Installation with BetteLevel? This is how it works

Glue one BetteLevel installation foot in each corner of your shower tray or shower surface. Now raise your shower to the desired height. The mounting feet lock automatically. Quickly install the waste - and the tiler can come.

Product details

Installation height



Nivelling accuracy



Installing shower trays can be a real theatre. With these levelling feet, you can quickly finish an hour earlier.

Norbert Weber SHK entrepreneur

Levelling showers from above at last. Good solution! Even with a 90x90 shower tray, it was too far to reach the frame at the back when levelling.

Alois Boscher SHK craftsman and renovation specialist

Simplifying work and making it easier: anyone who has ever installed a shower will be impressed by the Bettelevel in seconds.

Marco Fischer HVAC specialist and problem solver at Pfeiffer&May

Some construction situations require special aids. Therefore, each BetteLevel installation foot can be supplemented with additional functionalities.

Preload: sophisticated installation

Particularly large shower areas with a side dimension of 1000 mm or more can be installed stably with six or more mounting feet. Unlike the installation feet in the corners, the additional feet are pre-tensioned and glued to the long sides. After adjusting the shower, you simply release the pre-tension by pulling on the rope and the feet provide additional support. If a pipe runs along the edge of the shower, the feet can also be positioned underneath the standing surface. The foot absorbs the slight slope of the shower via the adapter plate.You can remove the cord and spring lock through the waste hole and use it for further installations.

Lock: for even more safety

When you have found the correct height measurement and have adjusted your shower, pull the cord of the respective mounting foot to release the spring lock. Your shower is now permanently correctly levelled. Unintentional height adjustment is no longer possible. 

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