Our design aspiration

Products for a bathroom architecture with plenty of space

Design bathrooms that make architecture tangible

Today's bathroom is much more than just a functional space. It's where people fulfil their desire for peace. Mindful bathroom architecture creates this open space.

Our bathroom products bridge the gap between the highest architectural standards and technical sophistication. Together with renowned designers, we are continually redefining the limits of steel shaping - and create bathroom products that blend harmoniously with the rest of the room. The range of shapes and variants gives you the freedom to design individual bathroom architecture - with skilled craftsmanship, precision and aesthetic appeal.

Man needs symmetry. And I accept no arbitrariness in the design. This design claim is now also reflected in the Bette collections.

Dominik Tesseraux Tesseraux + Partner
Dominik Tesseraux, German product designer

Sensual solutions

We create bathroom products with meaning. Our products integrate seamlessly in the room. They are highly functional in design, and perfectly implemented with skilled craftsmanship.

Visionary architecture

Clear symmetry in different variants offers architects and bathroom designer so much freedom. You can create an impressive bathroom architecture with forms, colours and dimensions. Entirely individual.

What we need are products that are oriented towards the user and focus on the essential.

Jochen Schmiddem Schmiddem Design
Jochen Schmiddem, German product designer

Design is a question of attitude. And of passion.

Our bathroom products create space. So that designers, interior designs and bathroom planners are able to develop new ideas. Trends and developments arise; shapes and materials change. Concepts on sustainability and design are implemented practically. We understand bathroom design as a source of inspiration for overcoming architectural boundaries.

The materiality and surfaces of Bette bathroom products are absolutely well worth being highlighted by daylight and spotlights.

Cyrus Ghanai Interior designer