Our baths are the perfect choice for architecturally appealing bathroom design. The different models and versions combine design and function in a modern bathroom element.

Baths for every situation

A large or small bath, built-in or free-standing, corner bath or rounded? Choose the bath that is the perfect fit for your bathroom concept from our many models and versions. And to ensure that your Bette bathroom element is the perfect colour match for your bathroom, we have over 400 colours for you to choose from. Find the right bath now!

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How to choose the right bath size

A typical bath is usually 170 x 75 cm. However it's worth choosing dimensions that fit your needs exactly. If, for example, you are small and petite and bathe alone most of the time, a bath with dimensions of 170 x 70 cm is also suitable for you. If you are tall, you will probably find a bath measuring 190 x 90 cm more comfortable. An XL bath can also be comfortable if you are average-sized but like to bathe with two people. So before you decide on a bath, ask yourself which bath size best suits your body size and bathing habits.

Here's what you should consider when choosing your bath

  • How big is your bathroom and what size can your new bath be to fit in?
  • Depending on the size of your bathroom, you can choose a built-in bath or a freestanding bath.
  • How sturdy do you want your new bath to be? It's helpful to ask yourself if you're more likely to bathe alone, with a partner, with children. In any case, you are well served by a bath made of glazed titanium steel. The material is particularly hygienic, sustainable and extremely hard-wearing.
  • What is your style? And how does your new bathroom match your preferences? Do you prefer straight lines or rounded edges? Do you like it simple, discreet and minimalist? Do you prefer accents?

How can you recognise a good bath?

Quite simply: the material. Are you looking for quality that lasts? Then we recommend a bath made of glazed titanium steel. It lasts longer than a bath made of other materials. Its glazed titanium steel is also sustainable, robust and particularly easy to clean.

Sunset or Calipso: choose your colour!

Do you want your bath to be the same colour as the rest of the bathroom? Or would you rather set accents? And bring more colour into your life with your bath? With us, you can choose from a huge colour palette and achieve exactly the effect you want. Create exciting colour combinations or design bathrooms as if from a single mould. Our colour variety sets no limits to your design and creation ideas.

Whirlpool baths - and water becomes more

Our Bette whirlsystems get water moving. And will turn your bath into a place that offers you a genuine experience. Try them.

What you should consider when installing your bath

A new bath is only as good as its professional installation. So be sure to trust the skills and experience of an expert. That gives you peace of mind. And if there is ever any damage to the bathroom, professional installation opens up the possibility of an overhaul. 
For a built-in bath, you should consider these points:
  • Do you want your new bath to be underpinned? Or do you want to install it with a bath support?
  • What material do you want to use to cover this platform?
  • The overflow of your new bath should always be on the opposite side of the wall. That way you can reach it quickly in case something happens.
  • You might want to opt for an inspection flap. This can make sense if the area around your bath is not tiled.
  • Are all connections sealed tightly?
  • Silicone joints are susceptible to damage and need regular maintenance. If silicone joints were made during the installation of your bath, you should check that they have been done properly.
  • Is your new bath a shower/bath combination? Then you should make sure that the fittings for this really do work properly. And that the shower partition is well bonded and siliconised. 

Do you have any questions? We'll be pleased to help!

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