Our baths are available in a range of models and designs that are both visually stunning and highly functional. Create a space to relax and unwind with our high-quality baths.

Baths - shapes for all occasions

Whether you have a large or small bathroom, we offer a variety of bath models in different versions that fit perfectly into your bathroom concept. Whether you prefer a built-in or freestanding bath, a corner bath or a rounded bath, you'll find the ideal solution here. Discover our wide range of baths now and find the perfect addition to your bathroom!

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What you should consider when buying your bath

  • Do you already know the size of your bathroom?
  • What area do you want to use for the bath?
  • What is the maximum size of the bath?
  • Do you prefer a built-in bathtub or a freestanding design?

The right bath size and shape

A standard bath usually measures 170 x 75 cm. However, it is advisable to adapt the dimensions to your individual needs. For example, if you are small and usually bathe alone, a 170 x 70 cm bath might be ideal for you. 

BetteSelect Duo
If you are tall, on the other hand, you will probably find more comfort in a bath measuring 190 x 90 cm. An XL bath also offers advantages if you are of average size but like to bathe as a couple. Before choosing a bath, ask yourself what size best suits your height and bathing requirements.
BetteStarlet Oval Silhouette

The right bath design

Find your bath that perfectly suits you and your style. The shape and design of a bath can influence the overall ambience and create an atmosphere of luxury and relaxation.
Baths with straight lines give your bathroom a clean and modern aesthetic. The simple elegance of this style creates a sense of order and structure. For lovers of minimalist design and a timeless look, baths with straight lines are the perfect choice.
On the other hand, baths with rounded edges offer a softer and more playful look. The curved lines add a soft touch to the bathroom and ideally complement fabrics and soft colour tones. This style is great for those who want to create a cosy and relaxing ambience.
Whether you choose straight lines or rounded edges, our Bette baths offer a variety of options to express your individual style.

The best material for your bath

Our baths are made of glazed titanium steel. This unique material is characterised by its exceptional durability. These baths are scratch-resistant and withstand the usual wear and tear of daily use. With their impressive durability, they retain their flawless appearance for many years. Another plus point is their resistance to stains and discolouration. The glazed surface forms a protective barrier against dirt and debris, keeping your bath sparkling clean and hygienic.
BetteLux Oval Silhouette

Baths in different colours

A coloured bath adds creative accents and gives your bathroom a personal touch. You can choose from a wide range of colours, from delicate pastel shades to bold, vibrant colours. Or design your bathroom tone-in-tone to create timeless elegance and aesthetic harmony. This design technique has become an increasingly popular trend and gives the bathroom a calm and appealing atmosphere.
BetteEve Oval Silhouette

A black bath from Bette

Black baths are the latest trend in bathroom design, adding an aura of elegance and luxury to any space. The flexibility allows for seamless integration into different bathroom styles. From modern, minimalist spaces to elegant, traditional bathrooms, black baths fit perfectly into any design and add a contemporary touch to the room.

Whirpool baths - and water becomes more

Whirlpool systems are the epitome of wellness and luxury and transform your bathroom into a private spa oasis. The powerful jets, which selectively inject water and air into the bath, provide a pleasant massage and relieve tension and stress.

What you should bear in mind when installing a bath

We recommend that you seek professional help for every installation. The skills of experts in the installation of your bath can save you unnecessary frustration and possible damage during the bathroom renovation. And by using an expert you can ensure that the installation has been carried out professionally and guaranteed for the best results. 
The following points should be observed when installing a built-in bath:
  • There are two options for installation: you underpin your bath, or you install it with a bath support. The latter also supports the longevity of your bath after installation.
  • An overflow protects you from overflowing the bath and thus from possible water damage in your dream bathroom. To ensure that you can maintain it regularly and keep it clear, it should be easily accessible on the opposite side to the wall.
  • An inspection panel helps you if you want to access the substructure of your bath and the pipes connected to it quickly and easily during maintenance. Even in non-tiled bathrooms, an inspection panel can be placed inconspicuously and decoratively.
  • During installation, make sure that the connections are tightly sealed and that no leakage occurs - even small drops can cause damage over a long period of time.
  • If silicone is used, check the quality of the joints. This is because they are susceptible to blistering or failure to protect against water if they are not applied properly. This can lead to mould in the bathroom or even cracks in the grout. 
  • When installing a shower-bath combination, it is important to check the correct functioning of your desired fitting beforehand. Not only a problem-free installation, but also full compatibility with all connections should be guaranteed.
  • When combining a bath and shower tray, it is also important to ensure that the shower partition closes properly and is sealed with silicone. By closing seamlessly, you can prevent water from entering your bathroom unintentionally every time you take a bath or shower.

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