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Freestanding baths are a statement of strong design. They enhance the bathroom aesthetically and create a perfect retreat for relaxation. We give you complete design freedom: choose from numerous models, colours and sizes.

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BetteEve Oval Silhouette
BetteLux Oval Silhouette

What makes a freestanding bath from Bette so special

In a modern bathroom, a freestanding bath is far more than just an object of utility. It is a decorative object, wellness area and stylish eye-catcher. In contrast to classic corner baths, freestanding baths allow for a variety of room designs. In the middle of the room or close to the wall - the possibilities are endless.
Freestanding baths in black or with a straightforward design stand for modern style and lifestyle today. The large selection of shapes is also helpful here. Oval freestanding baths are particularly popular for giving the bathroom a luxuriously modern look.

Stylish design

A freestanding bath is an eye-catcher and the centre of attention. It is therefore all the more important that the aesthetics fully correspond to your own ideas. At Bette, you will find many different design lines so that you can realise your dream bathroom just as you imagine it.

Robust material

Our freestanding baths are made of high-quality titanium steel. And the surface also sets standards with our special BetteGlaze®. It has a hardness that surpasses marble, plastic and conventional steel. Our baths are non-porous and extremely resistant to scratches. They are also permanently UV-resistant and their quality is not affected by sunlight. With the use of glazed titanium steel, we combine the countless design possibilities of steel with the unique properties of glass.

Individuality for your bathroom

Freestanding baths are an excellent choice to give your bathroom an individual touch. Their elegant and timeless design makes them real eye-catchers and adds a touch of luxury to the room. The wide range of shapes, sizes and designs allows you to choose a bath that perfectly suits your personal style and requirements. Our freestanding baths are also available with a whirlpool system, for example.

Freestanding baths in different colours and shapes

The design has a great influence on the effect in the room - especially if the bath is free-standing. Which design line you choose depends solely on your taste. Our free-standing baths come in classic shapes and colours, but also in unusual designs: for example, the BetteLoft Ornament with a geometric pattern in the bath skirt or the BetteLux Oval Couture with an upholstered bath panelling. Free-floating in a powder-coated steel frame, the BetteLux Shape is particularly minimalist in design.
BetteLoft Ornament
BetteLux Oval Couture
BetteLux Shape

Freestanding bath in black

A freestanding bath in black brings elegance and modern flair to your bathroom. Whether monochrome or a bicolour variant - our BetteStarlet Oval Silhouette sets the best example. Switching off and relaxing has never looked so luxurious.



BetteStarlet Oval Silhouette
BetteEve Oval Silhouette

BettePond - The large freestanding bath from Bette

A freestanding bath for two obviously needs to be larger than if you want to enjoy a full bath on your own. So think in advance about the right size for your freestanding bath so that it offers the best possible comfort for each family member.

What you should bear in mind with freestanding baths

To ensure that the freestanding bath in your bathroom looks its best and gives you as much pleasure as possible, you should consider a few points when choosing the right bath.

In the middle of the room or on the wall: find the right place

Basically, freestanding models need more space than classic rectangular baths to create the desired feeling of spaciousness. Larger bathrooms with at least 12 to 15 square metres are therefore better suited to show off your freestanding bath to its best advantage.
It is usually not advisable to place the bath in the exact centre of a room, as it can look a little lost there. It is better to place it close to an adjacent element, such as a wall or room divider, leaving at least 50 cm of free space around the bath.

Before conversion: consider statics and cable routing

If you want to buy a freestanding bath, you should also consider the statics of your bathroom in advance. Especially in old buildings, a prior calculation can be important. You should also clarify beforehand how the pipes are to be laid in the right place. Our experts and official dealers will be happy to help you.

The right fitting for a freestanding bath

Choosing the right mixer for your freestanding bath is essential to complete the overall look of your bathroom. Your bath is definitely an eye-catcher, and the tap should enhance this effect. Choose a tap that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Whether you go for a modern, minimalist design or a classic, elegant style, make sure it matches the bath and the rest of the décor. You'll also find wastes and overflows here. With the BetteMono, they are even made of the same material as your bath.

The installation of a freestanding bath

Installing a freestanding bath has never been easier. The reason: our Easy Connect installation box - the plug-and-play solution for the safe connection of shower trays and baths. Nevertheless, it is helpful to consult a qualified installer to ensure the best possible result. Here you can find Bette dealers and craftsmen near you.

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