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Bathroom element with a statement factor: our free-standing baths. The fabulously designed versions in several models, colours and sizes aesthetically enhance the bathroom and provide a perfect retreat for relaxing.

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Free-standing baths

A free-standing bath is much more than just a commodity in a modern bathroom. It is a decorative item, a wellness area and a stylish eye-catcher. In contrast to the classic corner bath, a free-standing bath offers a variety of interior design options. As a free-standing bath placed in the middle of the room or close to the wall, the possibilities are almost endless, the results impressive.
On a cold winter's day or after a stressful day in the office, our body longs for relaxation and the chance to wind down. And as soon as you put a foot in the warm water of a free-standing bath, you know it's time to switch off. Yet it's only a few years since this bath shape made a comeback. For a long time, it had a nostalgic, old-fashioned charm.
But today's models no longer have anything in common with their predecessors from bygone days. Today's free-standing baths in black or in a linear design represent modern style and lifestyle. The large choice of shapes is also helpful. Oval baths in particular are extremely popular for a luxurious, modern interior.

Making a dream come true: what to consider when buying a free-standing bath?

There are a few points to consider when choose a free-standing bath in order to ensure that it is seen at its very best in your bathroom and gives you as much pleasure as possible.

Large free-standing baths – room for two

It goes without saying that a free-standing bath for two needs to be bigger than if you only ever enjoy a bath on your own. So consider in advance what size of free-standing bath you would need in order to ensure that every member of the family is able to enjoy the same level of comfort.

In the middle of the room or against the wall: finding the right place

A free-standing bath will always take up more space than its classic rectangular counterpart. We generally advise against putting the bath right in the middle of a room. It's better to place it close to an adjacent element such as a wall or room divider and leave at least 50 cm around the bath as room to manoeuvre.

Free-standing baths in various designs

The shape has a great influence on the effect of the bath. A round bath, for instance, is particularly elegant. Which design line you choose depends entirely on your taste.
Our free-standing baths are available in classic shapes and colours, but also in unusual designs such as BetteLoft Ornament with a geometric pattern on the apron, or BetteLux Oval Couture with upholstered bath cladding. Free-floating in a powder-coated steel frame, BetteLux Shape is particularly minimalistic in design.

Statics and connections need to be taken into account

If you would like to buy a free-standing bath, then you should address the statics in your bathroom first. In older buildings in particular, calculations may be relevant. Laying the pipes in the right place and the choice of fitting are also important. Our experts and official dealers will be pleased to help you here.

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