The floor-level BetteFloor shower is impressive without stealing the limelight.

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Create individual dream bathrooms with our modern shower trays. You'll find walk-in and raised showers in lots of versions and dimensions here. Puristic, architectural and made with absolute precision.

Shower trays for any bathroom design

Our tremendous selection of shapes, colours and sizes offers you as a bathroom designer plenty of scope for your design. Find the shower tray that is the perfect fit for your bathroom concept – from a floor-level shower tray to a corner shower to a rounded version. For large and small bathrooms. 

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Bette shower trays – the perfect combination of design and function

A Bette shower tray is an unmistakable design object. It will give you the precise minimalistic luxury that will make your life special. It provides safe support under your feet, while the sheer variety of models and designs provides you with complete design freedom in your bathroom. Our shower trays are available in a wide choice of sizes ranging from small, standard dimensions to generously-sized areas offering ample space for comfortable, floor-level showering alone or à deux.

Our material: robust, clean, sustainable

What makes our showers different from other shower trays? We make our Bette shower trays from titanium steel and finish them with our special BetteGlaze®. This means our shower trays are not only made of natural materials and delight with their excellent design. In addition, the surface of the shower tray is also extremely resilient and can easily hold its own against scratches, high heat, UV rays and chemicals. So a Bette shower tray, whether rectangular or pentagonal, will cope with anything and remain permanently beautiful. Another advantage: dirt and bacteria are unable adhere to the non-porous surface of our shower trays. To clean them, you simply wipe them with a damp cloth.
And we've also made sure that you can shower in peace and quiet without disturbing anyone else. How do we do that? Our intelligent installation systems reduce the transmission of noise to the building structure. Among our shower tray accessories you'll find lots of other options for making your shower more individual, for instance if you'd like to be even more certain that you won't slip in the shower.

We've got shower trays in lots of shapes

Do you like straight lines in your bathroom, clear edges or perhaps rounded areas? Are you looking for a colour that catches the eye or do you prefer bright white? Whatever you expect of the perfect shower tray, we give you an impressive choice of colours and shape to choose from. Our floor-level showers not only make life easier for elderly people who rely on a wheelchair to enter the shower, but they also provide a modern, open experience. Along with our flat, barrier-free showers, you'll also find raised showers in our range that you can use, for instance, for relaxing footbaths. These shower trays give you the choice of various exciting design options, for instance models with a round or rectangular entrance. 
And even if your bathroom is very small, you'll be able to enjoy exclusive comfort with a Bette shower trays: our quadrant showers will fit neatly in the corners of your bathroom. Likewise, our pentagonal showers optimally use the space in your bathroom. Every centimetre counts when you're planning a bathroom. That's why we also offer you individual customised solutions. They enable you to tailor your new shower tray perfectly to your spatial circumstances. And the various sizes and shapes of our shower trays offer you new flexibility as you design your unique bathroom. 

Bring colour into your bathroom

Of course, we can also provide you with shower trays in classic white. But have you seen our colours "Flamingo", "Bahama beige", "Sorento Blue"or "Sunset" yet? And that's only four examples from our tremendous selection of colours. Whether glossy or matt, subtle or eye-catching – our colour palette will enable you to live out your creative ideas in full in your bathroom.

Which shower tray suits you? We'll be pleased to advise you

Whether floor-level or deep, our shower trays in glazed titanium steel offer you the greatest level of comfort and clear design, and integrate perfectly in any bathroom. Do you have any questions about our showers? Then please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Take your time looking online for dealers in your area who offer our exclusive shower trays, and find the one that is right for you. 

Do you have any questions? We'll be pleased to help!

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