BetteOne baths and washbasins

A collection for distinct bathroom designs

BetteOne is a bathroom concept that incorporates enamel-coated titanium steel baths and washbasins. The key features of this collection include the wide circumferential rim and geometric interior lines. With a distinct design language, BetteOne is available in a diverse range of dimensions and models. Timeless, universal and simply beautiful.

Our BetteOne variants

The BetteOne collection includes a two-seater tub with a central plughole and the single-seater tub BetteOne Relax with a pronounced backrest.
Design: Tesseraux + Partner
BetteOne Built-in bath
BetteOne Built-in bath

Washbasins are available in the same design.

BetteOne Undermounted-Washbasin
BetteOne Undermounted-Washbasin

As though shaped by water

The BetteLux collection is characterised by a flowing, natural design that is formed from an organic basic shape, with extremely delicate outer rims.


A statement of purism

The baths and washbasins in the BetteArt collection bring a sculptural effect to the room.