BetteArt baths and washbasins

A statement of purism

The baths and washbasins in the BetteArt collection bring a sculptural effect to the room. The shapes of the inner and outer walls have been skilfully fused together to create a seamless design with extremely narrow sides. This results in highly symmetrical designs with soft lines, creating a special ambience in any bathroom.

BetteArt Countertop washbasin
BetteArt Free-standing bath
BetteArt Free-standing bath

Our BetteArt variants

The shape of the BetteArt bath is available as a free-standing, wall-mounted or fitted corner bath. A range of washbasins is available in the same design.
Design: Tesseraux + Partner
BetteArt Countertop washbasin
BetteArt Monolith
BetteArt I Bath

A collection for distinct bathroom designs

BetteOne is a bathroom concept that incorporates enamel-coated titanium steel baths and washbasins.


Relaxed symmetry

The BetteComodo line combines geometric design with smart ergonomics and exceptional comfort.