The installation box Easy Connect is the plug-and-play solution for safely connecting shower trays and baths.

Installation and accessories

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BetteAnti-Slip Pro

Additional safety and standard-compliant slip resistance that meets the relevant DIN requirements.


The quartz-sand mixture that is fired into our high-quality surface provides greater stability when showering.

BetteAnti-Slip Sense

Offers more safety in the bathroom than any other comparable slip resistance on the market.

BetteGlaze® Plus

Water droplets roll down more easily. Simply wipes clean with a damp cloth. This saves time and is much better for the environment.


The intelligent alternative to vulnerable maintenance joints. Protects against mould and water damage.

Special size

Because millimetres can often make the difference: individual measurements for baths, shower areas and trays.

Profi Corner

We offer you corner sections to individual specifications for a variety of baths and shower trays.


Professional drill holes ensure that your chosen mixer fits precisely.

Sealing System Pro

Sealed installation in compliance with DIN 18534. Including cutting protection.


Electronic waste and overflow fitting in one product. For the perfect look without a visible overflow.

Spring Tap 52 mm

The bath is filled very quietly thanks to an infeed on the bottom of the bath.