The BetteStarlet Oval V Silhouette bath is clear and harmonious.

Our corner baths

Save space and have an impressive design? You can with our corner baths. Various models and installation heights, as a triangular bath or in a rectangular format - this bath integrates perfectly in the room.

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When is a corner bath a good choice? Find out here!

A corner bath is a highlight in any bathroom, whether you choose a spacious bath for two or opt for this shape because you want to make the best use of the space in your bathroom. Corner baths are a particularly good choice for small bathrooms or bathrooms with sloping ceilings or lots of corners because they enable you to present the available space intelligently. However, a corner bath also radiates exclusivity and a modern attitude to life in a large bathroom. Most corner baths have the waste in the middle so you will be able to sit comfortably and enjoy a relaxing bath even if there are two of you. 

Which size, which shape suits you?

Of course, we offer corner baths in various sizes and shapes, as triangular baths or in rectangular format as left- and right-hand versions. You will find corner baths in our BetteArco, BetteArt, BetteLux, BetteStarlet and BettePool collections. If you want an isosceles bathtub, we recommend the BetteArco 1400 x 1400 mm.
BetteStarlet IV Silhouette
BetteStarlet V Silhouette

The material our corner baths are made from? It's 100% recyclable

We make all our bathroom elements from glazed titanium steel. This material is highly resilient, robust and scratchproof and, thanks to our non-porous BetteGlaze® surface, dirt and bacteria are unable to adhere to it. The steel enamel is made from the natural raw materials steel and glass. Our glazed bathroom elements are therefore 100% recyclable.

What do you need to consider when connecting and assembling them?

Find out here how to install your corner bath correctly and what you need to consider, and learn some useful tips on sealing and drainage.

The advantages of a corner bath? There are lots of them!

Corner baths are the perfect solution for bathrooms where there is not a lot of space. Thanks to the compact size, a corner bath can be fitted in almost any small bathroom or bathroom with lots of corners. However, a corner bath can also be a good idea in the family bathroom because it has space for several people. Whatever the case, a corner bath will be a special design element in your bathroom that delights for its exclusive shape and clever function.

What are the differences between a corner bath and other baths?

The answer is: not many! Our corner baths will give you all the benefits that a traditional rectangular bath offers. However, they do usually have a greater capacity than other baths. This means: more space for you and your bathwater. 

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