The free-standing BetteLux Oval Silhouette bath has a natural flow, yet is distinct and concise in design.

Our oval baths

With its clear, soft contours, the circular bath stands for organic design. A choice of designs - free-standing or fitted - represent comfort and cosiness. Suit almost any bathroom concept.

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Timeless elegance and exceptional design

Oval baths

They are modern, but at the same time classic — elegant, but also luxurious. Oval baths never go out of fashion, and at the same time always offer new design possibilities. Bette's oval baths combine high-quality, robust materials with a unique design language that brings cosiness and relaxation into your bathroom.

So how can you fit an oval bath in your bathroom?

With our oval baths, you can choose between built-in, free-standing and semi-built-in baths. Depending on how big your bathroom is, you can place your bath in the middle of the room, up against a wall or in a corner. Our special baths are particularly suitable for the latter because they have a specially-shaped edge and so are easily adapted to corners and walls.
Your bath will be a unique eye-catcher in any of the colours in our range of extraordinary sanitaryware and effect colours. And for even more luxury, we also offer an unusual textile sheath with our BetteLux Oval Couture line.
With our design lines such as BetteArt and BetteLux, the oval shape is integrated individually in the concept and include, for instance, baths that look a little more linear. So you're sure to find your dream specimen in one of our concepts.

What makes the oval bath shape so unique?

The oval is the original shape for a bath (think back to the tub), and that is why it is so harmonious to our eye. The organic shape is reminiscent of running water, which creates an excellent connection to the bathroom. Not only is the shape in harmony with nature, but the production is also environmentally friendly.
Oval baths are very easy to combine with the rest of the bathroom furniture because they are timelessly beautiful and, thanks to the symmetrical shape, provide the maximum comfort. Fitted with the right bath accessories, this high-quality bath will create an ensemble in a discerning design in combination with, for instance, the matching washbasin.

What materials does Bette use, and what advantages do they offer you?

Bette is know for its bathroom products in all-natural glazed titanium steel. Made from 100% recyclable materials, our baths are environmentally friendly products with an excellent eco balance. And thanks to the glazed, non-porous surface of BetteGlaze®, neither limescale nor dirt will stick to the surface, which makes cleaning easy and fast.

Your skin will also appreciate our choice of materials. Because neither chemicals nor solvents are used, you can bathe without your skin being irritated. Glazed titanium-steel is also the perfect companion for winter because the material conducts heat and so quickly absorbs the warmth of the bath water - even in the neck and edge area of the bath, which usually tends to be cooler.

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