Installation videos

We present selected systems and solutions in detail under Installation videos.

BetteLevel installation

In this video, you will learn how to use the installation feet correctly and how to install a shower quickly, easily and without tools.


Glue one BetteLevel installation foot in each corner of your shower tray or shower surface. Now raise your shower to the desired height. The mounting feet lock automatically. Quickly install the waste - and the tiler can come.

Operation of our whirlpool systems

Our BetteSpa whirlsystem uses warm air to create a gentle swirl. It relaxes you, loosens your muscles and boosts your blood circulation. Our BetteJet whirlsystem allows water to circulate with pressure. The water jet acts like a targeted massage and helps to release tension. Our BetteAirJet Plus whirlsystem combines these two systems. It uses warm air as well as the power of water for your complete recovery.

Installation of a Bette built-in bath

How to install a Bette bath correctly. This film shows the installation steps of the cradles / feet, the waste and overflow fitting, the bath divider, the sealing system and the wall brackets.

Installation of the shower tile BetteAir

Safe. Clean. Installed in no time at all. Installation of the BetteAir shower tile including minimum support with installation box and construction adhesive directly on the screed. In this video, we show you the various installation steps for the shower and provide information on the scope of delivery.

Minimum support

Shower trays and showers areas can be mounted particularly quickly and easily on the screed with the minimum support. The support is already prefitted, so that the shower tray can be placed on the screed after it is punctured in the area of the waste. Then the bath will be tiled ans the shower is sealed with silicone.

Assembly of Installation Box Easy Connect

The Easy Connect installation box is the plug-and-play solution for safely connecting shower trays and baths. All the required components are pre-assembled in a box during manufacture – all that remains to be done is to connect the external pipework. The waterproof box is then fitted directly into the floor structure.

Installation Box Easy Connect and Minimum Support

The installation box Easy Connect and the minimum support are ideally matched to each other. The two product solutions significantly simplify the installation and reduce the installation time. 

BetteInstallation System Universal

The versatile system developed by Bette for the installation of shower areas and trays offers tremendous flexibility for installation. Showers may be fitted flush-to-floor or raised with a tiled plinth. Thanks to the generous adjustment range of 67-205 mm, the system can be adapted perfectly to structural circumstances. Thanks to the sealing components included in the delivery, it offers maximum protection against moisture damage.

Sealing System Pro

Installation of the bath and shower as per DIN 18534 is achieved with the sealing system Pro, offering the highest level of protection against water damage. The cutting protection included in the delivery also protects the sealing system against damage by a cutter knife when the silicone joint is being renewed.

Leg system for shower trays

Faster, safer and less expensive installation of shower trays. The height-adjustable legs are screwed into a frame under the edge of the bath. This ensures the load is distributed over the entire frame when the shower is in use. It is no longer necessary to anderpin the shower tray.

BetteBath foot universal

Stand assist with individual height adjustment for easy, safe installation of baths.

BetteInstallation System Basic

The proven, versatile system is suitable for the installation of flush-to-floor shower areas and BetteUltra shower trays. The showers may be fitted flush-to-floor, almost flush-to-floor or raised with a tiled plinth. Thanks to the generous adjustment range of 67-205 mm, the system can be adapted perfectly to structural circumstances. Installing shower trays with the BetteUpstand is also easy with the system.


Thanks to the upturned bath edge, mouldy or cracked silicone joints are a thing of the past. The wall edge stays lovely and clean -- permanently. The transition to the tile stays absolutely hygienic, is easy to keep clean and prevents from follow-up costs for replacing the silicone.


Bath drain and overflow are combined in one element. Hidden beneath the base of the bath, the electric fitting is truly aesthetic. The lack of a visible overflow means that nothing detracts from the beauty of the bath design, particularly in the case of free-standing baths. The specially designed electric controls with integrated pressure sensor opens the drain as soon as the water has risen beyond a certain level.

Reports from the Building Lab

Support foot

We'd like to show you how to fit the BetteSupport foot.

Foam Central Support System

Central support for the installation of BetteFloor shower areas and BetteUltra shower trays. Later assembly in existing shower areas is possible via the drain.

Bath Cradles

The bath foot with individual height adjustment is used for simple and safe installation of baths. We will show you how the installation works with the installation aid.