Reports from the Building Lab

The series Reports from the Building Lab illustrates the installation steps and the functions of our products.

No more wasting time cleaning

We'd like to show you how easy it is to clean our bathroom products, even our Anti-slip Pro surfaces. 

How to remove metal marks

No more annoying metal marks. The residue can easily be removed with our BetteCare pen and water or with our spray cleaner.

Self cleaning waste system BetteSolid

The pop-up waste BetteSolid is very easy to clean. As the edges have been reduced to the minimum, hair and dirt are unable to settle.

Simple revision to shower tray installation

Central support for the installation of BetteFloor shower areas and BetteUltra shower trays. Later assembly in existing shower areas is possible via the drain.

How to install using the BetteBath feet

for simple and safe installation of bathtubs. We will show you how the installation works with the installation aid

Simple additional support for shower tray

We'd like to show you how to fit the BetteSupport foot.

Effective soundproofing for bathrooms

We're going to show you, using the soundproofing device, how sound behaves in the various installation situations.

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