Our innovations

Discover the next radical innovation in shower installation, spectacular innovations and exciting new products. See how we work with renowned designers to realise our visions for the bathroom of the future and create lasting inspiration.
Clear design for modern bathrooms


The BetteLiv washbasin bowl impresses with its minimalist design. It blends in perfectly with any bathroom design. At the same time, BetteLiv sets special accents: The fine outer curvature of its side wall creates an organic appearance.

Curved elegance in the premium bathroom


The BetteCurve washbasin bowl skilfully exploits the shaping possibilities of steel enamel and presents its exclusive design. Its generously curved inner body is crowned by a filigree rim with a striking inward curve.

Reshape your escape.


Like a fresh breeze: our BetteSuno collection translates moments of lightness into perfect design. Barber Osgerby uses the special materiality of our glazed titanium steel for perfectly minimalist design. The new collection includes a bath and washbasins that harmonise with each other and at the same time fits perfectly into sophisticated bathroom architecture. Each product of the BetteSuno collection sets its own aesthetic accents. This combination of quality and lively impulses makes your time in the bathroom as inspiring as a little time out.

Experience the shower installation of the future.


BetteLevel is an installation foot that allows you to fit your shower with unprecedented speed and ease. Without tools. In seconds. And no matter what size shower you are installing.
Your new independence


The washbasin series is available in many colours. The four timeless design variants of BetteBalance open up countless design options. And you have the freedom to find the washbasin that suits you exactly.


With BetteMono you get for the first time a waste and overflow set made of the same high-quality material as your Bette bath: glazed titanium steel. BetteMono is available in many of our colours. BetteMono thus creates a harmonious appearance in your bathroom.
The first shower tile


The new BetteAir is the world's first shower tile. Sounds revolutionary? It is. Because the BetteAir is design and progress in a nutshell. It is pared down to the essential and provides space for visions. And of course, it can be integrated in any architectural design or staged as a spectacular eye-catcher.

Extra flat - and now also extra large

The next step in the evolution of floor-level showering with Bette Air is now moving into the area: the five new dimensions 1100x1000, 1500x900, 1500x1000, 1600x900 and 1600x1000 mm give bathroom planners more freedom when designing large-format shower areas.

Our best anti-slip: BetteAnti-Slip Sense

We have developed the new BetteAnti-Slip Sense because you are worth it. This anti-slip surface offers more safety in the bathroom - whether you are in the shower or the bath, as well as getting in and out. Because we think you deserve to enjoy your time in the bathroom carefree.

Sealing tape on a roll

With our sealing tape, you can seal your shower and bath in accordance with the standards. At the same time, it is a particularly thin sanitary sealing tape thanks to its unique material composition. So you can seal the transition from your bath to the tile particularly quickly and easily - and even bridge cracks.