Oval built-in bath BetteEve


For the bathroom of the future – our latest additions

Discover our product innovations and be inspired. Have a look at how we work with renowned designers to create our visions for the bathroom of the future that bring pleasure for the long term.


The next generation shower area

Experience a world innovation: the first shower tile! With its refined design language, the BetteAir almost seems to blend with the floor – for pure design and absolute design freedom. Designed by Tesseraux + Partner

Can't get flatter. Or easier. BetteAir is laid like a tile.

Matthias Rampsel Product Manager at Bette
Matthias Rampsel, Product Manager at Bette

Pure design. Easy installation.

Experience the world's first shower tile: BetteAir. Fast easy and efficient installation thanks to floor-level assembly directly on the screed.

BetteAnti-Slip Sense

Our best anti-slip: BetteAnti-Slip Sense

We have developed the new BetteAnti-Slip Sense because you are worth it. This anti-slip surface offers more safety in the bathroom - whether you are in the shower or the bath, as well as getting in and out. Because we think you deserve to enjoy your time in the bathroom carefree.


Oval built-in bath BetteEve
Oval built-in bath BetteEve

Generous Oval

Clear design inspired by nature. Our BetteEve built-in bath combines organic form with generous elegance. Designed by Tesseraux + Partner

Oval built-in bath BetteEve
Oval built-in bath BetteEve
Oval built-in bath BetteEve

Subtle oval

Organic design in a harmonious design language. Our BetteEve Oval built-in bath combines a particularly narrow rim with a generous interior and unique lying comfort. Designed by Tesseraux + Partner

Oval built-in bath BetteEve

Free oval

Organic design in a free elegance. In the free-standing version, our BetteEve Oval Silhouette is timelessly beautiful with a clear conciseness. Designed by Tesseraux + Partner


Generous showering comfort

We like to think big. BetteUltra Large combines undreamt of length with irresistible design. With its low depth, it will blend harmoniously with any bathroom design.

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