The BetteArt countertop washbasin looks as if it has been shaped in a single piece.

Our built-in washbasins

Our modern built-in washbasins support an individual bathroom architecture. The wide range of designs and dimensions makes it possible to find the perfect bathroom element for the right room concept. All our built-in washbasins merge almost completely with the countertop.

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Our built-in washbasins: elegance and clarity for your bathroom

We offer you variety: our built-in washbasins are available in round and rectangle, and in numerous sizes and colours. What you can rely on: all our basins are made of glazed titanium steel

What is special about a built-in washbasin?

Unlike a sit-on washbasin, a built-in washbasin is integrated in a countertop or base unit. The bowl of the basin is situated in the base unit, and only the tap and the inside of the basin is visible. This results in a largely closed surface on your washstand, and leaves the bathroom looking clean and tidy. If you choose a built-in option, you can also choose a basin with a taphole. In this case, the tap is fitted directly to the rim of the basin. Or without a hole. This version works in combination with a wall-mounted fitting washbasin.

Best surrounds: the countertop for your built-in washbasin

We recommend a strong panel made from a permanently hygienic, easy-to-clean material as the support for your built-in washbasin. Various woods such as oak or ash are suitable for this purpose. You can also choose a natural stone such as granite or marble. Glass and tiles are other elegant options. 

The fine difference: our 8 mm folded edge

What are our distinguishing features? Precision and perfection. The folded edges on our BetteLux and BetteLoft built-in washbasins are only 8 mm thick. Thanks to their delicate outer edges, these washbasins  blend smoothly with their surroundings, ensuring a design that is simply perfect all-round. 

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