Homage to architecture

Our design lines

For the love of design

We have a passion for products that blend perfectly with the building shell.  That is how we create bathroom products that blend with the architecture to create an aesthetic work of art. Our design lines radiate peace and harmony. Groundedness or lightness. They consist of a bath and washbasin. You can choose any of the different versions in the design lines. 

Our understanding of aesthetics is the interplay between forms and colours that affect the subconscious. We used this knowledge to develop bathroom products for entirely different design lines. With the greatest architectural appeal and an enthusiasm that you can see in our products.

BetteSuno bath and washbasins

Reshape your escape.

Our BetteSuno collection translates moments of lightness into perfect design. Barber Osgerby uses the special materiality of our glazed titanium steel for perfectly minimalist design. The new collection includes a bath and washbasins that harmonise with each other and at the same time fits perfectly into sophisticated bathroom architecture.

BetteArt baths and washbasins

A statement of purism

The baths and washbasins in the BetteArt collection bring a sculptural effect to the room. The shapes of the inner and outer walls have been skilfully fused together to create a seamless design with extremely narrow sides. This results in highly symmetrical designs with soft lines, creating a special ambience in any bathroom.

BetteLux baths and washbasins

As though shaped by water

The BetteLux collection is characterised by a flowing, natural design that is formed from an organic basic shape, with extremely delicate outer rims. This elegant line looks wonderfully at home anywhere. The voluminous interiors of these baths and washbasins appear effortless in their perfection. Minimalism with perfect craftsmanship.

BetteLoft baths and washbasins

Expressive geometric lines

The BetteLoft collection is based on the fundamental design of four tapered surfaces that meet up together. Precise contours form the perfect frame for the voluminous interiors of these baths and washbasins. Perfect craftsmanship and an extremely small corner radius underline the expressive character of this minimalistic design.

BetteComodo baths and washbasins

Relaxed symmetry

The BetteComodo line combines geometric design with smart ergonomics and exceptional comfort. This collection is recognised for its perfect, oval design and generous depth.

BetteOne baths and washbasins

A collection for distinct bathroom designs

BetteOne is a bathroom concept that combines bath and washbasin in glazed titanium steel in one design. The key features of this collection include the wide circumferential rim and geometric interior lines. With a distinct design language, BetteOne is available in a diverse range of dimensions and models. Timeless, universal and simply beautiful.

3 references
The Boutique Hotel Tortue in Hamburg wants to take away some of the fast pace of time and focuses on glamorous serenity.


Hamburg, Germany

Hotel Mittermeier's Alter Ego combines the quality of a high-end design hotel with the informality of a private flat.

Mittermeiers Alter Ego

Rothenburg, Germany

On the shore promenade of Lake Constance, the "Haus am See", show house by Baufritz, presents itself with its glazed south side.
House building

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Langenargen Lake Constance, Germany