Naturally sustainable

Our bathroom products have a first-class ecological balance sheet. Because sustainability is important to us. And has been for over 60 years: Bette chose the natural materials glass and steel as early as 1952. A careful use of natural resources is close to our heart. Because sustainability is our programme - and not a fashionable buzzword.

Glazed Titanium-Steel: next generation material

We have a passion for real elements, for sustainable values. We believe in quality that lasts. The result? Our products made of glazed titanium steel last longer than other materials and are the best choice in the bathroom. We give a 30 year warranty on them.

We are firmly committed to sustainable industry. Thinking ecologically, acting responsibly and sustainably – that has always been a principle by which the whole company lives.

Thilo C. Pahl Managing Partner

Good for nature and the environment

Sustainable production

We use our materials with maximum efficiency, so there is hardly any waste. And of course, we are constantly working on optimising our processes and reducing our material consumption.

Clean production

Every Bette product is made individually and entirely without chemicals and solvents.

Local production

All Bette bathroom products are made exclusively on our own site in Delbrück.

Durable aesthetics

People still love our products even after decades. That's due not only to the high quality of our material, but also to the design and especially the flawless finish.

Full recyclability

All glazed bathroom elements are 100% recyclable.

Short routes

We work together with partner companies in the region. This saves time and fuel.

High durability

Bette bathroom products are extremely robust and remain permanently brilliant. This is down to the high quality standards that we set ourselves. Because if something lasts a long time, it's much better for the environment.

Absolute transparency

This is something we're truly proud of: Bette products are verified to the Environmental Product Declaration as per ISO 14025, and the U. S. Green Building Council as per LEED.

Ecological compatibility

Due to their environmentally-friendly production and durability, Bette products are ideal for sustainable building projects.

You can find out more about our measures in our sustainability report.

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Sustainable building? With Bette it's easy!

Only healthy materials are used for the interior design of the Baufritz show homes. And that quickly leads us on to Bette and their products made of glazed titanium steel.

Sigrid Krämer Interior designer for the Baufritz company

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