Our countertop washbasins

Do you want to make a statement in your bathroom? And at the same time have a washbasin that fits perfectly into any of your design ideas? Our countertop and bowl washbasins combine timeless elegance with modern design. Whether square or round: the different variants open up all the possibilities for exactly the washbasin you want.

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Whether round or square in shape - perfectly elegant in every case.

Discover the wealth of possibilities. Our variety of countertop and bowl washbasins offer you every freedom when designing your bathroom: find out more about individual features, styles and functions. So you can make the best choice for your personal preferences and needs.

Our bowls

Our washbasin bowls are a modern interpretation of the classic wash bowl. Inspired by this traditional concept, they are designed in round or oval shapes. What makes them special? Their extremely delicate rim. 
We achieve this precision in design through our own innovation in the manufacturing process: we do not manufacture our washbasin bowls using the deep-drawing technique that is common with glazed titanium steel. Instead, we mould our high-quality natural material using a special process that is unique to Bette. 
The result: refined lightness. It gives our washbasin bowls their own timeless aesthetic. And your bathroom? It simply looks elegant. 
Our washbasin bowls can be seamlessly integrated into any design - in a private bathroom or a guest WC. The choice is yours: whether you set characterful accents with a Bette washbasin bowl. Or demonstrate successful understatement. Either way, you are opting for excellence, quality and good taste. 

With a washbasin bowl from Bette, you always get a real designer piece. With the BetteLiv, the fine outer curvature of the side wall creates an organic look. The BetteCurve confidently sets the scene for your washbasin: its generously curved inner body completes the refined edge with a striking curve. The BetteCraft convinces with stylish naturalness. And the BetteBalance bowl offers exclusive design with maximum minimalism.

Discover all the facts about our elegant bowl washbasins in our factsheet.

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Our countertop washbasins

Do you want even more variety in terms of design? Our countertop washbasins are available in both round and square versions and are generally more robust and less delicate than bowl washbasins. 
This versatility makes it possible to integrate countertop washbasins into a wide variety of bathroom designs: modern, minimalist or traditional. 

This opens up space for your ideas. The rectangular BetteArt looks as if it has been moulded from a single piece and brings perfect straight lines to your bathroom design. The top-mounted version of BetteBalance combines timeless elegance with modern design to create a special eye-catcher. The design of our BetteSuno is generously reduced and leaves room only for what really matters. And that is you.


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