The BetteArt countertop washbasin looks as if it has been shaped in a single piece.

Our countertop washbasins

Our round or rectangular architectural countertop washbasins combine timeless elegance with modern design to increase decorative eye-catchers. The various designs have a visual presence, and will make a statement in any bathroom concept.

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Elegant countertop washbasins in various shapes

The countertop washbasin is used more than any other item in the bathroom. Delight in the flowing forms and exclusive material in the morning as you shave, when your wash your hands throughout the day, and brushing your teeth at night. The symmetrical construction of our Bette design combines everyday actions with stylish aesthetics.
The secret of our customised solutions lies in the use of glazed titanium steel that is made by hand into an individual countertop washbasin and is notable for the precision of its craftsmanship.

Discover unique countertop washbasins, round or rectangular

Thanks to its precise shaping technology and the production in glazed titanium steel, the Bette countertop washbasin will exceed your quality expectations! It picks up on the style of your bathroom, and its clear looks  will blend tastefully with the ambience. Transform your bathroom into an oasis of well-being, for instance with a bowl basin and stylish sink accessories that attract everyone's attention.

Bette countertop washbasins: round, stylish, durable

Bette stands for unmistakable product design that is orientated to the users and offers them the bathroom elements that suit them and their bathroom. We'll furnish your bathroom with stylish and high-quality countertop washbasins that focus on the essential and stand out for their clear looks.
Choose the basin in one of our aesthetic sanitaryware colours such as Pergamon, Bahama beige or Edelweiss that suits your furnishing style and personal preference. We also carry tasteful washbasins in effect colours that we make to individual dimensions and that give the room an upscale flair. Or opt for an elegant, small countertop washbasin, perhaps for a guest bathroom.

Consultation & installation: Installing a round countertop washbasin in the bathroom

Our hand-made washbasins provide you with a lot of freedom when planning your bathroom. Which colours would you like to combine? And what fittings would you like to have? For instance, the perfect symmetry of our BetteArt models and the BetteCraft washbasins with a refind edge are extremely popular.
We will be pleased to advise you on the various countertop washbasins. Together with our experienced Bette experts, choose the optimum countertop washbasin that will greatly help to shape the style of your bathroom and will be your companion for many years.

Properties of glazed titanium steel:

  • Thin, lightweight material
  • Impact- and scratch-resistant
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • UV- and heat-resistant
  • Durable
  • Hygienic

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