Relaxed symmetry

BetteComodo baths and washbasins

The BetteComodo line combines geometric design with smart ergonomics and exceptional comfort. This collection is recognised for its perfect, oval design and generous depth.

BetteComodo fitted bath
BetteComodo washbasin


The BetteComodo bath is designed as a traditional, fitted bath, available in different dimensions and with a range of overflow options. A range of washbasins is available in the same design.
Design: Tesseraux + Partner
BetteComodo fitted bath and washbasin
BetteComodo fitted bath

A statement of purism

The baths and washbasins in the BetteArt collection bring a sculptural effect to the room.


As though shaped by water

The BetteLux collection is characterised by a flowing, natural design that is formed from an organic basic shape, with extremely delicate outer rims.