Baths, washbasins and shower trays made of glazed titanium steel.

Baths, washbasins and shower trays of glazed titanium steel

You'll find architectural bathroom elements and well-designed features in our range. Innovatively formed, precisely made and sustainably produced.

Natural titanium steel in flowing forms

Our bathroom elements open up inspiring spaces to you with a wide range of models in lots of colours and dimensions. Create individual bathroom concepts and complement the bath and shower tray with the matching washbasin. You'll also find trailblazing system solutions for permanently perfect installation and various additional features in our range - for even more comfort and safety.

The BetteLux Oval bath has a natural flow while being clear and distinct in design.

Immerse yourself in style

Our baths are the perfect choice for architecturally appealing bathroom design. The various models and versions combine design and function in modern bathroom elements.

The floor-level BetteFloor shower is impressive without stealing the limelight.
Shower trays

Elegantly refreshing

Create individual dream bathrooms with our modern shower trays. You'll find walk-in showers in lots of versions and dimensions here. Puristic, architectural and made with absolute precision.

The BetteArt countertop washbasin looks as if it has been shaped in a single piece.

Naturally flowing

Our washbasins will help you to create the very highest level of bathroom design. With lots of different variants, we combine aesthetics with function to create bathroom objects that blend perfectly with the rest of the room.

Our installation box Easy Connect is the plug-and-play solution for safely connecting shower trays and baths.
Features and installation

Additional comfort, even more safety

Would you like to include additional features to go with your Bette bathroom elements or to make the installation as easy as possible? Our extras for surface finishes and slip resistance, installation and care as well as various special solutions, waste and overflow fitting plus whirlpool systems, all help to make it possible

Powder-coated steel frames support the BetteLux Shape baths and washbasins as though they are weightless.
Design lines

Made of steel and perceived as style

For us, design is more than just creation. We develop architecturally based solutions with meaning, technical sophistication and aesthetic added value. Working in close cooperation with renowned designers, we are continually redefining the limits of steel shaping.

Latest additions

Bathroom elements for the future

As the manufacturer of modern bathroom objects, we don't simply rely on our reputation as a traditional company that is known for its precise craftsmanship. Rather, we work with designers to constantly increase our range, adding sustainable ideas and perfectly executed products.

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