Next generation material:

Glazed Titanium-Steel

We believe in quality that lasts. The next generation says thank you.

Every material has its story. Back in 1952, Bette opted for the natural materials steel and glass, which we combine to make highly-resistant steel enamel. Because we have a passion for real elements, for sustainable values. We believe in quality that lasts. The result? Our high-quality products in glazed titanium steel last longer than other materials and are the best choice for the bathroom. Which comes with our 30-year guarantee. The next generation and your children will thank you for it.

Our glazed titanium steel is hygienic and antibacterial.


Dirt and bacteria are unable to adhere to the glass-hard, non-porous surface of BetteGlaze®. This makes it highly superior to softer materials or tiled areas.


The secret of BetteGlaze® is that although the layer is wafer-thin, the surface is harder than marble, plastic or steel alone. Worried you might damage our baths, shower trays or washbasins in daily life? Almost impossible.

Heat conductive

Glazed titanium-steel is a perfect heat conductor. It quickly absorbs the warmth of the bath water, including in the neck area and around the edge, for a highly beneficial bath. 


Our BetteGlaze® is fireproof and non-flammable. Even burning candles won't damage our steel-enamel baths. 

Resistant to chemicals

Our BetteGlaze® is particularly strong. It is resistant to cosmetics and bath additives. Even nail polish will not mark it.

UV resistant

Thanks to Bette's special wet-in-wet process, BetteGlaze® is particularly even, and colour- and lightfast. This means that even after years, the surface will still be every bit as lovely as on the first day.

Classification of glazed titanium steel on the Mohs hardness scale


Hardness grade Material Hardness
1 Talc very low
2 Gypsum very low
3 Plastic low
4 Marble sufficient
5 Iron good
6 Steel good
7 Enamel very good
8 Topa exceptionally good
9 Sapphire exceptionally good
10 Diamond exceptionally good

Your advantages

Only a diamond is stronger

Steel enamel at its best: glazed titanium steel by Bette. The surface of our bathroom elements is harder than marble, plastic or steel alone. It is scratchproof, non-porous and permanently UV-resistant. And combines the freedom of form of steel with the unique properties of glass.

Easy to clean

Water droplets drip down our BetteGlaze® Plus even more easily. This results in fewer deposits. All you need for cleaning is a damp cloth; no more harsh cleaning agents. This saves time and is much better for the environment.


Bette bathroom products are extremely robust and remain permanently lovely. This is down to the high quality standards that we set ourselves. Because if something lasts a long time, it's much better for the environment.


Dirt and bacteria are unable to adhere to our glazed and pore-free BetteGlaze® surface - the best conditions for perfect cleanliness in the bathroom.

30-year warranty

Our glazed titanium steel with the wafer-thin BetteGlaze® is uniquely and beautifully shaped, exceptionally resilient. Which comes with our 30-year guarantee.

Completely recyclable

The steel enamel of our baths, washbasins and shower trays is made from the natural raw materials steel and glass. Our glazed bathroom elements are therefore 100% recyclable.