Flawless and harder than marble



Bette swears by glazed titanium steel. Our steel enamel with the famous wafer-thin BetteGlaze is uniquely and beautifully shaped, exceptionally resilient and made to last almost for an eternity. Which we guarantee for 30 years.

Steel enamel at its best: glazed titanium steel by Bette. Our surface is harder than marble, plastic or steel alone. It is scratchproof, non-porous and permanently UV-resistant. We manufacture premium quality for the bathroom exclusively in Germany. Our wet-in-wet enamelling process, which we have been perfecting for decades, is responsible for the unique smoothness of our baths, shower trays and washbasins.The procedure permanently binds three ultra-thin layers of our special enamelling formula to the titanium steel carcass in two firing steps at 850°Celsius. The resulting products unite the freedom of form of steel with the unique properties of glass.


Dirt and bacteria are unable to adhere to the glass-hard, non-porous surface of BetteGlaze®. This makes it highly superior to softer materials or tiled areas.

Impact resistant

The secret behind BetteGlaze® is the strength of its ultra-thin layer. Like glass fibre, it remains flexible and resilient to the usual forces that occur in the bathroom. A good feeling – especially in the event of momentary lapses in concentration.

Heat conductive

Titanium-steel alloy and enamel is a perfect heat conductor. It quickly absorbs the warmth of the bathwater, including in the neck area and around the edge, to ensure the bather can enjoy a highly beneficial bath.

Scratch resistant

The surface of BetteGlaze® is harder than marble, plastic or steel. When used as intended, it is almost impossible that it will be damaged by any of the materials that are normally found in a bathroom.


Our features keep the noise down when our objects are in use. Clever installation systems reduce the transmission of noise from the bathroom product to the building shell.

Resistant to chemicals

BetteGlaze® is particularly robust. It is resistant to cosmetics and bath additives. Even nail polish will not mark it.

UV resistant

Thanks to Bette’s special wetin- wet process, BetteGlaze® is particularly smooth as well as colour- and light-fast. Which means that even after many years, the surface will still be as bright and shiny as on the very first day.

Heat resistant

BetteGlaze® is fireproof and non-flammable. Even a burning candle will not damage the surface.

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