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Bette views design as more than just design.

Bette views design as more than just design.

We develop sensible architectural solutions with technical refinement and a high degree of aesthetic added value. Working closely with renowned designers, we constantly redefine the limits of steel moulding. Our particular passion is for intelligent ways to combine products and building shells. The symmetrical forms of Bette bathroom elements, rich in variety, give architects and bathroom designers the freedom to make individual needs a visually impressive and technically perfect reality.



“We need symmetry. And I won’t accept capriciousness in design. This design claim is now also reflected in the Bette collections.”

Dominik Tesseraux, born in 1966 in Bensheim, Germany, lived and worked in Potsdam. After apprenticing to become a furniture maker and studying design in Darmstadt, he was employed at various renowned German design studios. In 2001 he established tesseraux+partner. That same year he decided to be self-employed, initially as a ‘one-man show in his own four digs’. Today, he works with four others in a brick-built shed in Potsdam.


“Knowing that there’s in-depth research, complex analyses and intensive discussions hidden behind an unmistakeable design is what makes our work fascinating. Even at the drafting stage, we’re already thinking carefully about the individual manufacturing processes, the processing form and environmental challenges, without ever taking our eye off the look”.

Christian and Michael Sieger are the sons of architect and product designer Dieter Sieger. In 1964 he founded his own company, Sieger Design, which was one of the first in Germany to discover what it meant to treat the bathroom as a playground for premium design. Dieter Sieger was led to bath and product design from shipbuilding. In 2003 Dieter Sieger retired from managing his company and turned the management over to his sons, who expanded the product range to include crockery, apparel and furniture. Nevertheless, most of their prizes were awarded for design baths. 



“What we need are products 

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After apprenticing to become a furniture maker, Jochen Schmiddem studied painting, sculpture and product design. Between 1990 and 1997 he worked at various international studios. Then in 1997 he set up his own studio in Berlin. Berlin offers Jochen Schmiddem a never-ending stream of inspiration and ideas for his work. These are crucial factors for turning today’s utopia into tomorrow’s reality. The studio is situated in the “Old Centre” of Berlin, a five minute’s walk from the Ku’damm. Here projects are reworked to include redesign and innovative redevelopment as well as visionary concepts and studies for different companies.

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