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Bette Colour range

Every Bette bathroom product is individually manufactured before the unique BetteGlaze finish is applied. Whether white, anthracite, pink or curry, the colour pigments are mixed in the enamel in their raw state, and then applied as part of the manufacturing process, making every Bette product as unique as your requirements. In addition to all the classic sanitaryware colours, Bette also offers its glaze in numerous shades from a wide range of colour spectrums. Both gloss and matt colours are available. 

Black 056

Sanitaryware colours

Our standard colour world for washbasins, shower areas, shower trays and baths comprises classic and contemporary options.We offer more than 400 shades, a small selection may be viewed here. This ensures that the colours of your Bette bathroom product match the colours of the other sanitaryware in your bathroom.

Edelweiss 004
Pergamon 001
Soft Cream 020
Elfenbein 014
Beige 003
Ägäis 009
Flanell 008
Bermuda Blue 023
Ebony 035
Black 056
Moss Green 016
Anemone 086
Capri 015
Matt Crocus 043
Manhattan 002
Stella 021
Calypso 011
Misty Blue 049
Caramel 046
Curry 040
Sorento Blue 067
Magnolia 077
Sunset 013
Carneol 096
Jasmin 006
Rubin Red 057
Bali Brown 065

Exclusive colours

Those who would like to choose a different matt shade for shower areas, shower trays and washbasins can choose from our 22 exclusive colours. These colours match the current trends for tiles, natural stone and wood floors.

Flint 414
Snow 440
Cream 441
Sand 424
Quartz 412
Flint 414
Taupe 438
Anthracite 401
Beige 422
Flax 423
Greige 425
Stone 416
Smoke 403
Ebano 434
Silver 410
Hazel 417
Cashmere 415
Slate 402
Coffee 430
Dust 413
Cacao 439
Raven 400
Graphite 404

Luxurious, sparkling and shimmering colours are also becoming increasingly popular for the bathroom. The effect colours Midnight, Forest, Blue Satin and Daylight specially developed by Bette have opened up a multitude of new and inspiring possibilities for your new Bette bathroom elements.

Blue Satin 418
Forest 791
Midnight 790
Daylight 788


Contrasting colours can be eye catching – the three BetteBicolour can be used to contrast the outside of most Bette baths against the internal bathing area which is always in pure white.

Glossy Black 350
Matt Black 351
Violet 352
Matt Black 351

Key colours

Service for architects and project planners: the Bette colour laboratory offers the option of developing your own individual colour for baths, shower areas and washbasins, against minimum order quantities. Your bathroom design can stand out using Bette stanitaryware in your special bespoke colour.

Frame colours

Frames for BetteLux Shape baths and washbasins are exclusively available in six exclusive colours. They can be used tone on tone, or as a contrast to the black or white enamelled baths and basins.

White Matt 807
Black Matt 815
Taupe Matt 809
Sky Matt 816
Rose Matt 818
Mint Matt 817
Black matt 815
Elephant 852

Fabric colours

The BetteLux Oval Couture line elevates the bathroom fitting to a lifestyle object. The first fabric-coated baths and washbasins bring comfort into the bathroom and bathroom comfort into your home. Bath and washbasin are available in the colours ivory (beige), moss (green), carbon (anthracite) and elephant (grey marl). The colours of the steel/enamel and the fabric can be chosen to combine perfectly.

Moss 851
Carbon 853
Ivory 850
Elephant 852
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