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Effect colours

Blue Satin 418
Forest 791
Midnight 790
Daylight 788

Luxurious, sparkling and shimmering colours are also becoming increasingly popular for the bathroom. The effect colours Blue Satin, Forest, Midnight and Daylight specially developed by Bette have opened up a multitude of new and inspiring possibilities for your new Bette bathroom elements.

Blue Satin

The soft and delicate mother-of-pearl shimmer flits around the light blue tone of the effect colour Blue Satin. It gives Bette bathroom elements a special aura. Delicately shimmering and with perfect elegance.

BetteLux Oval Washbasin
Blue Satin 418
BetteLux Oval Silhouette Bath
BetteCraft Shell


The effect colour Forest has a dark and mysterious shimmer. Depending on how the light falls, the green basic tone takes on a changing brown and violet sheen. The glaze shows off a spectacular play of colours and has a flowing, organic and elegant look.

Forest 791


The effect colour Midnight provides a glamorous and brilliant finish. The basic anthracite tone incorporates very fine glitter particles. Depending on how the light falls, the glaze takes on an appearance that varies from darkly mysterious to vibrantly sparkling. Ideal for combining with black and as a contrast to matt natural stone floors.

BetteLoft Ornament Washbasin
Midnight 790
BetteLoft Ornament Bath



Daylight 788

Colours and material 

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