We're making your bathroom a safe zone

Nicely anti-slip

Say shower, and you must also say anti-slip! Our solutions make your life safer.


BetteAnti-slip ensures increased safety when standing in the shower. During the last firing process, a mixture of quartz and sand is fired into the surface, without impairing the smooth feel and brightness of BetteGlaze®. Recommended for all showers, as well as the shower zone in baths.

BetteAnti-Slip Pro

The BetteAnti-Slip Pro finish provides additional safety and a standard-compliant anti-slip surface. The system can be easily tailored to individual needs and design specifications. The optical and functional qualities of BetteGlaze® are fully retained. The anti-slip finish complies with rating group B for wet-loaded barefoot areas and rating class R10 for anti-slip properties in workrooms and working areas with an increased risk of slipping as per DIN 51130.

Protection against moisture damage 

Porous silicone joints are a problem in many bathrooms. Water can penetrate through them into the masonry and cause great damage. With our installation solutions we offer you the highest protection against moisture problems.

Connects wall and bath perfectly: BetteUpstand

The silicone-free wall connection BetteUpstand is the intelligent alternative to vulnerable maintenance joints. Baths, shower trays and shower areas are given a 35mm upturn in glazed titanium steel that is simply tiled over during installation and connected to the wall. The result is the optically and hygienically perfect connection of wall and bath. BetteUpstand protects against mould and water damage, and saves the regular costs incurred for the renewal of silicone joints.

We worked our hardest

So you don’t have to. With our installation box Easy Connect you can install showers and baths safely and in no time. Plug and Play. Done! All the required components are pre-assembled in a box during manufacture – all that remains to be done is to connect the external pipework. The waterproof box is then fitted directly into the floor structure. It can also be integrated with the bonded seal and the sealing collar to comply with industry standards. There is no need for additional sealing with tape.

We keep tight - Sealing Systems from Bette

Sealing System

The sealing system offers reliable protection against moisture damage on floors and walls. Special sealing tapes worked into the bonded seal protect the building shell against moisture penetration, for instance through porous silicone joints. A set contains all the necessary components, including pre-shaped corners.

Sealing System Pro

Installation of the bath and shower as per DIN 18534 is achieved with the sealing system Pro, offering the highest level of protection against water damage. The cutting protection included in the delivery also protects the sealing system against damage by a cutter knife when the silicone joint is being renewed.

Our solution for all cases: Installation System Universal

The versatile system developed by Bette for the installation of shower areas and trays offers tremendous flexibility for installation. Showers may be fitted flush-to-floor or raised with a tiled plinth. Thanks to the generous adjustment range of 67-205 mm, the system can be adapted perfectly to structural circumstances. Thanks to the sealing components included in the delivery, it offers maximum protection against moisture damage. Complies with noise insulation to DIN and the increased requirements to VDI. Suitable for flush-to-floor or raised installation of BetteFloor shower areas and the ultra-flat shower trays BetteUltra.

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