Extended product lines, additional functions and new colours for even greater design freedom.

BetteForm in a new, modern look

The fitted bath in the classic shape with the ergonomic sloping back is available in lots of dimensions, so even small bathrooms can have a comfortable bathtub.



Pure form

and size

BettePond Silhouette
Design: Tesseraux + Partner

Immerse yourself and relax completely. The circular BettePond is spectacular in form and size. Its exceptional diameter of 

1500 mm is made possible by the high stability of glazed titanium steel.


Flexibility and charisma

The BetteSpace combines desire and reality. Its modular trapezoid shape has a wide back angle, and tapers towards the foot end. Thus it introduces linearity and maximum comfort into any size of bathroom. The puristic space-saving bath is available in three versions: as the single bath - BetteSpace S, as the BetteSpace M - shower/bath with a comfortable standing area, and as the duo bath - BetteSpace L, with room for two bathers to sit side by side.

 Design: Tesseraux + Partner

BetteSpace S
BetteSpace M
BetteSpace L

As soft as porcelain, as hard as steel


The combination of clear design language and filigree materiality gives the BetteCraft washbasin an elegant self-evidence. Every shell is hand-made individually from titanium steel in an extensive process, first shaped and then glazed on both the inside and outside. The thin side walls that taper towards the top give the generous shape a delicate and organic effect.

Design: Tesseraux + Partner

New undermount washbasins showcase the washstand

We adds to the design options at the washstand with three new undermount washbasins in the series BetteComodo, BetteOne and BetteLoft. They can be used to create elegant, easy-to-clean presentations in various style directions that, thanks to the matching baths and showers, can be continued in the rest of the bathroom.

BetteOne undermount washbasin
BetteComodo undermount washbasin
BetteLoft undermount washbasin

Effect Colours

Blue Satin

The effect colour Midnight provides a glamorous and brilliant finish. The basic anthracite tone incorporates very fine glitter particles. Depending on how the light falls, the glaze takes on an appearance that varies from darkly mysterious to vibrantly sparkling. Ideal for combining with black and as a contrast to matt natural stone floors.

The soft and delicate mother-of-pearl shimmer flits around the light blue tone of the effect colour Blue Satin. It gives Bette bathroom elements a special aura. Delicately shimmering and with perfect elegance.


The effect colour Forest has a dark and mysterious shimmer. Depending on how the light falls, the green basic tone takes on a changing brown and violet sheen. The glaze shows off a spectacular play of colours and has a flowing, organic and elegant look.


Connect, fit, done.

Installation box Easy Connect

The installation Box Easy Connect is the plug-and-play solution for safely connecting shower trays and baths. All the required components are pre-assembled in a box during manufacture – all that remains to be done is to connect the external pipework.


in detail

The versatile system developed by Bette for the installation of shower areas and trays offers tremendous flexibility for installation. Showers may be fitted flush-to-floor or raised with a tiled plinth. Thanks to the generous adjustment range of 67-205 mm, the system can be adapted perfectly to structural circumstances.

Height adjustable feet

Safe and easy installation

Height adjustable feet

  • Faster installation
  • Easier height adjustment by hand
  • Adjustment range from 67 to 205 mm

Casing aids

  • In standard length in polypropylene
  • Fast installation – no individual cutting to length required
  • Easy to slide onto frame
  • No special screws required


  • Can be flexibly positioned on the wall


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