Let's keep it short: you'll find all the topics that make Bette what it is, here. And with that, we fill your life just perfectly with everything you need. 

Fill your life with ...

We worked our hardest. So you don’t have to.

Fill your life with simplicity

Your time is precious! So we make sure that you spend less of it on all fours in the bathroom: with our Easy Connect installation box, you can install showers and baths safely and in next to no time. We've preassembled all the components for you in the box. You connect them to the water supply and fit the box in the floor. Plug and Play. Done! 

Of course, you can also combine Easy Connect with any freestanding and built-in baths. Slightly raised shower trays with minimum support? Not a problem either!

Ready for Easy Connect?

Lasts until your skin wrinkles. And not from the water.

Fill your life with reliability

A lot can happen in three decades. So it's good to know there are at least a few things you can rely on. For instance, that the sun will rise in the morning. Or that loose follows tight.

And now you can add our warranty to the list of consistencies: 30-year tradesman warranty on all glazed bathroom elements. Now that you can build on!

Ready for 30 years' security? 

Over 400 colours to choose from. That are always green.

Fill your life with naturalness

This is how sustainability works for us: we combine colour choice with tough materials! Scratchproof, impact-proof, UV resistant, hygienic - and pure, of course: the hard-as-glass, non-porous surface BetteGlaze® goes through fire for you. Three ultrathin layers of our enamelling formula are permanently combined with the titanium steel carcass in two firing steps at 850°Celsius. And if something lasts a long time, it's much better for the environment.

The colour elements are already added to the enamel while it is still in the unfinished state: black. Snow. Dust. Hazel. Sorento blue. Sunset. Flint. Moss green. And some 390 others, matt or glossy. 

Dip into our world of colour? 

Leaving you speechless. Even if you're not underwater.

Fill your life with exceptional design

To us, design is attitude! Our managing director Thilo C. Pahl says, „Our products are part of the architecture: a carefully designed environment which makes it possible for people to experience themselves in entirely new ways. How do we make this happen? We combine beautiful designs with technical skills, and so create rooms of a high aesthetic added value.“

Who benefits from this? You, the architects and bathroom designs who fulfil individual wishes with visual excitement and technical perfection. A big thank you!

Like lovely things? 

Making sure you're always upright in the bathroom. Except when you're lying in the bath.

Fill your life with confidence

How can we explain something to you that you can't see? Our anti-slip finish BetteAntislip Pro prevents slips in the shower or bath, but is almost invisible. Which, to be honest, is good for two reasons. 

On the one hand, the optical and functional qualities of BetteGlaze® are retained in full. On the other, we make sure that people can safely have more fun in the bathroom. 

Make your bathroom world a safe zone! 

The only thing we make outside Germany: our excellent reputation.

Fill your life with quality

Delbrück. What others hear: provincial. What we hear: free space. We think that Delbrück sounds like entrepreneurial provenance. Like a place where we can perfectly combine Westphalian craftsmanship and engineering skills. And while it may not be the hub of the world, it has been our family company's home since 1952. 

We're proud of this deep rootedness. It stands for the best quality, a high environmental awareness, and responsibility for the people who work for Bette. And grown partnerships with other companies in our region who share our values and attitude.

What you have always wanted to know about Delbrück.

It definitely has the edge: our 8 millimetre folded rim. 

Fill your life with perfection

We're known for being millimetre nerds. To us, perfection lies in even the tiniest detail. 

The most filigree folded edge that we have ever made from titanium steel is guaranteed to add a touch of perfection to your life. It enables you to achieve the optimum flush-fit installation of the BetteLux, BetteLoft and BetteStarlet Spirit, and with that a subtly minimalistic, modern look. 

Want to check the measurements? 

Are you a bathroom professional: architect, master plumber, technician or interior designer? We are bathroom professionals: technicians, designers, further thinkers. Made for each other. 

And yes, we're talking about women, men and any other gender form. Because Bette respects everyone.

So let us fill your mailbox with good things: innovations, knowledge and ideas that will benefit you.

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