Fill your life with perfection

8 mm isn't unusual for us. In fact, our BetteLoft, BetteLux and BetteStarlet Spirit baths and washbasins all have an 8 mm folded edge. So what exactly do we do to the titanium steel that enables us to fold it so delicately? It takes a lot of physical strength and technical sensitivity.

Pure pleasure is simply a matter of form

Bathing, showering and washing have long been personal rituals. High time to give these moments a setting with aesthetics, sensuousness and functionality that creates individual feel-good places. 

The right dimensions, radically unembellished: selected materials, clear forms and well-planned colours – so soothing, don't you think? Just the thought of a puristic bathroom design has an effect. Our bathrooms finally receive the attention they deserve. Not a wet room without character and intended for just one purpose, but with plenty of character and aesthetic functionality. 

Timelessness, purism – behind them are concepts such as sustainability, permanence and value. In fast-paced times, puristic bathroom design is an invitation to pause, take stock and switch off.

When everything superfluous is cast aside, only perfection remains. And when we reduce things to the essential, the details become more important.

The clearer the design language, the more the focus is on the material. In the case of our bathroom materials, that is glazed titanium steel. The material surprises with its unexpected lightness and sensuousness. Thanks to the delicate outer edges, the elements blend virtually seamlessly with their surroundings. 8 millimetres – that's how high the folded edges of our BetteLoft, BetteLux and BetteStarlet Spirit baths and our washbasins are. 8 millimetres that illustrate what reduction in skilled perfection means.

Clear edges that merge smoothly and effortlessly with each other. Flowing structures that the eye glides over: relaxing, delightful, pleasantly focused. The elements appear almost weightless in the room. The clear shapes fit together, ordered and radiating something almost timelessly soothing.

Millimetres in the bathroom. Head space.

Precision and a clear edge:

our 8 millimetre folded rim.

We're known for being perfectionists. Our team performs flawless craftsmanship that allows them to produce bathroom products that appeal down to the detail - even if it's as fine as the 8 millimetre folded rim.

What does it take to shape steel sheet into a bath or washbasin with one of these filigree outer edges? A tremendous amount of heat, pressure, energy and skill. But above all, the passion of these men and women who work in Delbrück, Germany to produce only the best for Bette.

250 tons

is the amount of pressure used to stamp the folded rim. Which is as much as 50 elephants weigh.

40 seconds

is the time the whole stamping process takes.

1000 tons

is the load on the steel when the inside is being deep-drawn.v

250 μg

is the thickness of the BetteGlaze® layer – which nonetheless is extremely strong and really tough.

45 kg

is the weight of a bath with the folded rim.

6 kg

is the weight of a washbasin with the folded rim.

26 steps

is what it takes in our production department to perfectly shape our exclusive materials for you.

850° degrees

At this temperature, steel and glass blend permanently to create the flawless BetteGlaze® finish.

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