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To us, safety is not an accessory to good design. That's why we developed BetteAnti-Slip Pro. So just what can this innovation do? We give you the answers here.

The lost feeling

When was the last time you felt really carefree? Been a while? Then you're not alone. We've been giving some thought to the lost feeling of carefreeness.

There are some words we can't say without a sigh. Usually in connection with an, "Oh yes, I remember that!". Being carefree undoubtedly comes under this category. It is actually a missed feeling. Carefree brings to mind the endless summer days of childhood. The certainty that we had nothing and nobody to worry about. A positive thought that often ended at puberty. "Hasta la vista!", and never seen again. Lost in the adult life of rent or mortgage, work, family, taxes, and your next medical check-up. But the longing for this feeling of endless lightness never leaves us. It remains an echo. And hence the sigh, "Oh yes, I remember how carefree life was when I was a child. Wonderful. But that was then. This is now."

Which is probably why we appreciate those carefree moments today so much. When we have not quite so many things to do on our list, can simply put our trust in some things. Because carefree is actually a rather lovely word, not just in the past, but in the present as well. Which is why we do everything we can to make sure that you feel carefree and safe in the bathroom. For instance, with the BetteAnti-Slip Pro finish.

Nicely anti-slip

Say shower, and you must also say anti-slip! BetteAnti-Slip Pro is an innovation that makes consumers' lives better - like all Bette solutions. Simply a good idea. 

We at Bette are perfectionists. Not only is the discerning design of our products of the utmost importance to us, but we are also constantly thinking about how to make them better. One of our current innovations is the BetteAnti-Slip Pro finish. For more safety in the shower.

This solution is our response to the fact that, increasingly, the shower areas that are being installed today are much bigger than those of only a few years ago. Thomas Klöwer, Head of Application Technology Bette, explains: "Whereas a size of 90 x 90 cm used to be considered the standard, there is more and more demand today for showers of 140 x 90 cm or even larger. This gives the user more freedom of movement when showering. However, this should not be at the cost of safety. Consumers should continue to be able to stand safely in the shower without the risk of slipping." And that is what BetteAnti-Slip Pro is for. Matthias Rampsel, Product Manager at Bette, emphasises the teamwork that is behind our development.

Above all, the continuous exchanges with architects, planners and installation engineers are extremely important.

This enables us to better understand their needs, and means we are really close to our customers. We use these experiences as the base for internal panels of experts and Open Innovation Workshops." We are able to develop new ideas on this basis, and strengthen our own innovativeness. 

„Our products and solutions are the result of our desire to offer our customers even more optimum solutions. And we do!“

Matthias Rampsel, Product Manager at Bette

How does it work? We achieve the unequalled evenness of our shower areas using a wet-in-wet enamelling technique we perfected over decades. The procedure permanently binds three ultra-thin layers of our special enamelling formula to the titanium steel carcass in two firing steps at 850°Celsius. 

In order to give a shower area a special protective finish, a different grain is added to the enamel before it is applied to the blank. The resulting natural material has a lightly matted surface that is very slightly rough: BetteAnti-Slip Pro.

What makes it unique? The entire resulting surface is more slip-resistant, not just individual areas of it. And: you can't see the functionality on the area. The puristic design of our exclusive shower areas and trays is preserved. 

We have, of course, had our anti-slip finish tested by independent external laboratories and the TÜV. BetteAnti-Slip Pro complies with rating group B for wet-loaded barefoot areas as per DIN 51097 and rating class R10 for anti-slip properties in workrooms and working areas with an increased risk of slipping as per DIN 51130. So BetteAnti-Slip Pro provides additional safety in the bathroom and at the same time offers standard slip resistance. The system can be easily tailored to individual needs and design specifications. 

Also good to know: the BetteGlaze remains extremely strong and exceptionally resilient. Like all our surfaces, BetteAnti-Slip Pro is exceptionally easy to clean. 

What drives us at Bette? Quite simply: the desire to develop solutions that really help the consumer.

„We never stop questioning our products based on the requirements of fitters, architects, planners, technicians, tilers and other customer groups.“

Thomas Klöwer, Head of Application Technology at Bette

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