A collection for distinct bathroom designs
BetteOne baths and washbasins
BetteOne is a bathroom concept that incorporates enamel-coated titanium steel baths and washbasins. The key features of this collection include the wide circumferential rim and geometric interior lines. With a distinct design language, BetteOne is available in a diverse range of dimensions and models. Timeless, universal and simply beautiful.
The BetteOne collection includes a two-seater tub with a central plughole and the single-seater tub BetteOne Relax with a pronounced backrest. Both models are available as a traditional or a low-level fitted bath.
BetteOne Relax Highline and wall mounted washbasin
BetteOne built-in bath
BetteOne Relax Highline
BetteOne Relax Highline

Single and double washbasins are also available in the same design.

BetteOne built-in washbasin
BetteOne counter top washbasin
BetteOne counter top washbasin
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