Customized solutions

  1. Profi-Corner
  2. Special-Size
  3. Drillings
  4. BetteUpstand Silicone-free wall connection

It’s surprising how one small corner can upset a whole bathroom design. This is why Bette offers a range of baths and shower trays with one of the corners cut off, in line with the customer’s specifications. The perfect solution to work around challenging spaces and downpipes!
A few centimetres sometimes make the world of difference in bathroom design, especially when space is tight or an existing property is being renovated. We make planning easier with made-to-measure baths, shower floors and shower trays. The titanium steel cast is precisely cut to size before being enamelled, creating the optimal solution for the available space—which not only looks fantastic, but is extremely hygienic, too. There’s no need to spend time doing an awkward patchwork job with tiles.
An important detail when designing bath and washbasin areas is where to install the fittings. We can drill holes in all of our bathroom products before they leave the factory, in line with customer specifications for the selected bath/washbasin/shower fittings.

Silicone-free wall connection
BetteUpstand lets you do away with silicone as a wall sealant around baths and shower trays. The 35-mm-high upward lip on the rim is fixed to the wall when the product is installed and covered over with 12 mm of tile. This 100% maintenance-free connection to the wall not only looks fantastic, but is extremely hygienic, too. BetteUpstand is an optional extra that can be ordered for a large number of baths and shower trays.
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