Perfect security in the bathroom

Hygienic, reliable and maintenance-free

The silicone-free wall connection BetteUpstand is the intelligent alternative to vulnerable maintenance joints. Baths, shower trays and shower areas are given a 35mm upturn in glazed titanium steel that is simply tiled over during installation and connected to the wall. The result is the optically and hygienically perfect connection of wall and bath. BetteUpstand protects against mould and water damage, and saves the regular costs incurred for the renewal of silicone joints.

Product brochure BetteUpstand: Waterproof connection

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Advantages of the BetteUpstand

  • glass-like surface
  • bacteria are unable to adhere
  • resistant and easy to keep clean
  • glazed titanium steel is completely waterproof
  • less expensive in the long term as there are no silicone joints to replace

Disadvantages of traditional Silicone

  • real dirt traps
  • good breeding ground for germs and bacteria
  • a possible target for mould
  • difficult to clean
  • porous joints cause water damage
  • repairs are tedious and expensive

Tested waterproof to DIN 18534.

Under DIN 18534, baths and shower trays must be sealed in a special way. Silicone is not enough. In addition to the use of conventional sealing tapes, the building regulation calls for the upstand as a standard solution. In order to check the seal on the BetteUpstand, it was subjected to endurance testing at Kiwa, the independent test institute. This test confirmed the seal of the BetteUpstand based on guideline ETAG 022.

BetteUpstand in detail

For the BetteUpstand, the titanium steel bath rim is extended by 35 mm, the return is glazed, and  tiled over during installation
Tile adhesive and 2 × compound seal
Wall covering
Sealing fleece*
Insulating tape*
* Included in the deliver

Made-to-measure for any room situation

Free choice of wall covering

The BetteUpstand can be tiled in the classic manner or installed with seamless walls in glass or waterproof HPL composite panel.
  1. HPL panel
  2. Genuine glass
  3. Tile
Practical tip:
If using cut fine stoneware or glazed tiles, we recommend the use of an end rail.

Versions for the installation of shower screens

Precisely planned, perfectly installed.

Ordering tool for the BetteUpstand: Precisely planned, perfectly installed

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