Installation box Easy Connect

Fit, connect, done.

The Easy Connect installation box is the plug-and-play solution for safely connecting shower trays and baths. All the required components are pre-assembled in a box during manufacture – all that remains to be done is to connect the external pipework.
The waterproof box is then fitted directly into the floor structure. It can also be integrated with the bonded seal and the sealing collar to comply with industry standards. There is no need for additional sealing with tape.
  1. *² structural conditions as per the test report

Universal waterproofing for your installation

  • fast, safe, easy installation
  • less work required on-site due to pre-assembled components
  • installation complies with industry standards without additional sealing tape on the bath rim
  • tested sealing components included in the delivery
  • confirms to DIN 18534 / ÖNORM B3407 
  • tested to ETAG 022
  • can be combined with the BetteMinimum support
  • reversible and replaceable Flex pipe
Suitable for:
  • Fitted bath and free-standing bath
  • slightly raised shower trays

Installed to individualt height adjustmen

The Easy Connect installation box can easily be adjusted to the right height for your floor by simply shortening the box to the minimum height of 90 mm.
Minimum box height with:
  • BetteSolid 30: 90 mm
  • BetteSolid 50: 103 mm

Optimised place for pop-up wastes

Our waste fittings are connected using standard installation materials.

Integration in the floor construction

Example with a fitted bath
Example with a shower tray
0. Installationbox Easy Connect*
1. Unfinished floor
2. Insulation
3. Soundproofing
4. Screed
5. Sealing level 1 + sealing fleece * + sealing level 2
6. Shower tray / bath 
7. Pop-up waste
8. Wall covering 
*included in the delivery 
Example with a free-standing bath
  1. Wall covering
  2. Free-standing bath
  3. Waste fitting
  4. Screed
  5. Soundproofing
  6. Insulation
  7. Unfinished floor
  8. Installationbox Easy Connect
  9. Pre-assembled flexible hose
  10. Tiles + tile adhesive
  11. Sealing level 1 + sealing fleece + sealing level 2
  12. HT reduction DN 50 / 40 short

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The perfect addition

Unpack, apply, done. The pre-assembled installation system reduces the amount of time for installing the shower to a minimum.