Sound insulation in the bathroom

Make your bathroom a noise-free zone! Our holistic soundproofing concepts guarantee a relaxed showering experience. So you can concentrate entirely on yourself. 

Relaxed. Calm. Quiet.

Our high-quality bathroom elements with increased sound insulation reduce the noise level when showering to below 25 dB. Every step is important: from the shell construction phase and installation of the sanitaryware to the drywall construction and connection of the WC ceramics. Maximum precision and quality are the measure of all things for us. Suitable products for quiet showering are DIN 4109 on leaflet 2 and sound insulation levels II and III of VDI 4100.

Sound insulation in the bathroom

There are lots of options for quiet showering. We know the various types of sound and their transmission paths, and we know how to deal with them: airborne sound spreads through the air, structure-borne sound through masonry. Footfall sound is created as a separate form of structure-borne sound as people move over a floor.
We consider the topic of sound insulation holistically and solution-orientated. Thick walls alone do not provide effective sound insulation. In order to achieve effective sound insulation , and above all to effectively contain structure-borne sound, we decouple the sanitary objects and connected pipes from the building.
Soundproofing tapes are fitted between the sanitary object, wall floor or ceiling during construction. These tapes are made of moss rubber, which prevents vibrations from being transferred to the building. This effectively reduces sound generation.

No one wants to hear a night shift-worker having a shower after returning home in the early hours. Sound decoupling is therefore particularly important for shower trays and baths made of steel.

Sven Rensinghoff Head of Marketing at Bette

Reports from the Building Lab

Effective soundproofing for bathrooms

We're going to show you, using the soundproofing device, how sound behaves in the various installation situations.
So quiet that you can hear yourself think. We are experts in the processing of glazed titanium steel, and our innovative soundproofing measures make every bathroom a noise-reduced zone. 

Wall Brackets

How does noise-reduced showering work? The answer lies in the precision craftsmanship and design of the bathroom elements. Even the feet of the Bette baths and the anchors that are used to attach the bath or shower tray to the wall are sound-insulated. Underpinning and soundproofing tapes provide further sound reduction. And our anti-drone mats made of bitumen ensure that no disturbing noise will be heard in your bath. With professional installation of the soundproofing measures, your Bette bath will be soundproofed to DIN 4109/A1.

Installation System Universal

Tested and confirmed by DEKRA: noise-reduced showering experience below 20 dB thanks to our Universal installation system. This means the shower meets the requirements of DIN 4109/A1 and the high quality standards of VDI 4100 SST III.

Minimum support

Anything else? Well, yes. Our innovative minimum support for showers. Quickly bonded to screed or wooden floor, it minimises the sound of our super-flat shower trays and shower areas to 17 dB, and in fact actually exceeds the high requirements of soundproofing level 3 of VDI 4100. In poorly soundproofed buildings in particular, our Minimum support ensures relaxed and quiet showering.

Our soundproofing kit

Using our soundproofing tapes significantly reduces the noise level when showering or running a bath, since they simply decouple the sound to the wall, floor and masonry. The resulting sound insulation meets the requirements of DIN 4109/A1 for sound insulation in civil engineering, and the higher quality standards of VDI 4100 SSR III.

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