Which waste and overflow systems fit your bathroom?

What makes your bathroom work perfectly? The right waste and overflow systems. To ensure that the water in the washbasin, bath and shower trays drains quickly and easily, you need drainage products that you can rely on one hundred percent. 
Our systems fit perfectly into all installation situations and design directions. Their timeless design harmonises perfectly with modern fittings and showers. They are quick to install, stay secure, are extremely durable and are also easy to clean. - Simply the best Bette quality.

Drainage fittings for shower areas / shower trays

Whether it's a floor-level shower area or above the floor shower trays: we have just the right waste for you.

How to choose the right waste

  1. You should choose the waste according to its drainage capacity. It is regulated in EN 274 and amounts to at least 0.4 l/s. For higher flow rates, you determine the flow rate from the inflow rate via the fitting. 
  2. The sealing water height of 5 cm is also stipulated in EN 274 and should only be lower in exceptional cases.
  3. When connecting to the shower tray or shower tile, a distinction is made between two connection dimensions, so the waste hole can be 52 mm or 90 mm in diameter. Choose the connection that fits the waste hole.
  4. The type of connection is split into vertical and horizontal. Above the ceiling, the drainage pipe is connected horizontally. If you want to lead the waste water directly downwards, i.e. vertically through the storey ceiling, this is called a vertical connection to the waste water pipe. You can choose the appropriate waste.
  5. You should choose a DN 50 connection for the waste.
  6. When selecting, you should also observe the dimension sheet (total height, connection height, total length).

No more hair in the waste

Everyone knows the problem: shower wastes are often dirt and hair traps and are difficult to clean. With the BetteSolid drain, we have reduced the edges in the waste to a minimum. The result? Hair and dirt have almost no chance of settling.

Waste and overflow fittings for baths

Intelligent, suitable, easy to install: we have exactly the right waste for your bath.

Our tips:

      Safe from floods

      Our wastes for baths consist of a combination of overflow and drain. While the drain can be closed, the overflow remains open and functions like a protective mechanism. If the water runs for a longer period of time, it can drain off via the overflow set. And your bathroom remains protected from flooding.

      Just right for your bath

      Make sure that the bath waste fits the chosen bath exactly. We have numerous waste options for all shapes of bath. The conventional waste fit the classic built-in baths. Some of our wastes are only suitable for stand-alone Shilouette baths.

      You need more information?

      This way

      Waste set for washbasins

      Our waste is specially designed for our washbasins without overflow. The length and height can be individually adapted to each washbasin.

      Our tips:

          Push the waste cover to open and close

          Do you want to operate your washbasin waste easily? Then the push waste is just right for you. This waste has a stem valve with a built-in basin plug. How does it work? You press the waste cover with a little pressure to close and press once again to open it.

          For even more safety

          You want to play it safe? For washbasins without an overflow hole, it can make sense to integrate a fixed stopper into the washbasin.  This plug remains open,  allowing water to continually flow out. Caution: If you like to use the washbasin for soaking clothes or as a baby bath, you should opt for an alternative waste. 

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