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And your bathroom stays clean and leakproof

Your bathroom is a wet zone: water vapour, splash water and run-off water create new wetness here every day. It is important to protect the exposed surfaces effectively. Why? It's simple: if moisture penetrates the masonry through porous silicone joints, for example, it can cause major damage. And that quickly becomes expensive. 
DIN 18534 for waterproofing for indoor applications requires baths and shower trays to have special seals. Silicone joints are not enough. Installation to industry standards can only be achieved with sealing tapes or upstands.

Connects wall and bath perfectly

BetteUpstand lets you do away with silicone as a wall sealant around baths and shower trays. The 35-mm-high upward lip on the rim is tiled over on installation. This 100% maintenance-free connection to the wall not only looks fantastic, but is extremely hygienic, too. The BetteUpstand protects against mould and water damage, and saves the regular expense for the renewal of silicone joints.

Our systems are (water)tight

Installation System Universal

The versatile system developed by Bette for the installation of shower areas and trays offers tremendous flexibility for installation. Thanks to the sealing components included in the delivery, it offers maximum protection against moisture damage.

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