Tested waterproof – Bette sealing solutions

And your bathroom stays clean and leakproof

Do you want to make your bathroom leakproof? Porous silicone joints are a problem in lots of bathrooms. Water can pass through them and into the brickwork, causing tremendous damage. Our installation options offer the highest level of protection against moisture damage.


Connects wall and bath perfectly

BetteUpstand lets you do away with silicone as a wall sealant around baths and shower trays. The 35-mm-high upward lip on the rim is tiled over on installation. This 100% maintenance-free connection to the wall not only looks fantastic, but is extremely hygienic, too. The BetteUpstand protects against mould and water damage, and saves the regular expense for the renewal of silicone joints.

This you can rely on: our solutions are easy to handle and save you extensive maintenance work. Glazed titanium steel is durable, hard-wearing and very easy to look after. Dirt and bacteria are unable to adhere to the glass-hard, non-porous surface of BetteGlaze®. This makes it highly superior to softer materials or tiled areas.

Our systems are (water)tight

Our sealing systems are perfect for the easy and safe sealing of baths and shower trays, and provide long-term protection for the structure against moisture and mould damage. The thin fleece material is very easy to process, and is perfect for achieving a precise fit with no irritating creases in the corners. The sealing system Pro offers additional cutting protection in the form of a cut-proof fabric tape that effectively protects against damage to the sealing level when replacing the maintenance joint.