Floor-level showering

The shower bath becomes the perfect walk-in experience.

Noticed anything? We have a passion for innovative design. Our concept of the floor-level shower changed the market, set global trends, and is increasingly becoming the standard. We are constantly continuing this tradition with our minimalist walk-in shower areas. They blend harmoniously with any architectural design and, thanks to state-of-the-art technology, are perfect for almost any ambience. This allows us to create ease without thresholds, a generous spatial effect, and complete freedom of movement. And in your favourite colour as well. Any questions? 

Anyone building a new bathroom or redesigning an existing one will often come up against the question: tiled shower with a shower channel, or floor-level shower area? We compare the two solutions:

Bette shower areas

  • cover the sensitive shower area completely, without joints
  • have a robust, glass-hard surface that dirt is unable to adhere to
  • are easy to clean
  • reliably protect the building shell against water penetration
  • are permanently accessible for inspection tasks and a long-term investment in quality and durability

Joints in a tiled shower area

  • are real dirt traps
  • are a perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria
  • are hard to clean
  • the porous joints lead to water damage
  • are laborious and expensive to repair and maintain
  • cannot be reused in conversions and renovations

Why opt for one of our floor-level shower areas? Lots of reasons.


A shower area in glazed titanium steel has a particular aesthetic appeal. It integrates evenly with the base of the bath, and can even be chosen to match the colour of the existing tiles to create a continuous look. Its pointed corners integrate perfectly with the tiling grid. The result is a beautifully shaped shower area: flawlessly hygienic and seamlessly beautiful. Choosing a Bette shower area means no joints in the shower, while the slope required for the water to grain away is integrated almost unnoticeably in the shower area. It is almost impossible for dirt and bacteria to adhere to the glass-hard, non-porous surface. Simply wipe with a damp cloth. No need at all for harsh cleaning agents. This saves time and is much better for the environment.

What needs to be considered when planning?

  • Installation height of the floor and clarification of drainage (sideways or vertical)
  • Slope of shower areas ensures that the water always flows towards the drain
  • A floor-level shower is a barrier-free solution

The system for all purposes

Installing our shower areas is safe, easy and quick with our sophisticated installation systems, such as the BetteInstallationSystem Universal. This lowers the costs for installation and ensures the best possible sound insulation. Plus our systems are all permanently accessible for inspection tasks. Any maintenance tasks that need to be carried out can be completed easily and quickly.

Our floor-level shower areas