Traditionally modern

Mindfully experiencing the present moment – supported by the Japanese design philosophy. Respectful minimalism expressed in aesthetic materials such as natural stone tiles and oak. Perfected by the clear design language of the BetteStarlet Oval Silhouette bath, the BetteAir shower tile and the BetteComodo washbasin, this combination has a soothing, meditative effect.

BetteStarlet Oval Silhouette
Lightness and flexibility under the sign of the Japanese building method. High-quality materials such as oak create the basis for this, and present the matt black bathroom interior minimalistically yet impressively. A composition that is rich in contrasts and is continued in the gentle play between light and shadow. 

Pared-down bathroom elements in matt black look particularly powerful and elegant. Installing our products using the Easy Connect or BetteAir installation boxes is just as minimalistic

Florian Lenzmeier Product Manager

Far Eastern Zen minimalism

The power of balance – reflected in warm wood, marble, black enamel and Corian. An aesthetic overall arrangement that takes up and reinterprets the essence of Japanese culture. For naturally regenerative feel-good moments.