Freestanding bath BetteLux Oval Silhouette in the house Miami.


Bathroom architecture in another dimension

A world without inspiration? We can't imagine it. In our BettePlaces showroom, we embark on a journey to distant lands and fascinating cultures. Discover different micro houses that show how aesthetic bathroom architecture works - multifaceted and beyond the norm.
Surrounded by unique scenery, every bathroom opens up its own style world with our products as highlights that show how good design can bring everything together. From the environment we live in and its individual architecture to the centre of the house – into the bathroom. It is extremely rare to find such a concentration of beauty and technical sophistication. 

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BetteUltra shower tray, BetteComodo wall-mounted washbasin and BetteComodo built-in bath in the natural region of Tokyo's Mount Fuji.
Mont Fuji

Perfect symmetry

Aesthetics – inspired by nature. It might seem unusual to opt for wood in the bathroom, and yet there is unimagined potential in this connection. A modern commitment to how well this special raw material can work in bathroom architecture.

Design line BetteArt in stony terrain.

Futuristic geometry

Sculptural design products – shaped from glazed titanium steel. Brought together in an impressive bathroom architecture that is made for today, and yet at the same time has a restraint that is orientated towards the aesthetics of the timeless.


Flowing spaces

Back to simplicity, but with style. Geometric bathroom architectures have a refreshingly unconventional effect and, despite their affinity with form, open up flowing spaces. An exhilarating source of individual design freedom that one can immerse oneself in.


Traditionally modern

Clear shapes complemented by perfectly coordinated materials that find their expression in a harmonious bathroom architecture. Design that is characterised by the combination of tradition and modernity and leaves room for naturalness.


Balanced contrasts

Ancient architecture at its purest. Rammed clay provides a good indoor climate in the bathroom, and has its own unique aesthetic. It's a rediscovered raw material that, used as a striking element, will give any bathroom architecture an exceptional expressiveness.


Monumental aesthetics

An arched vault that evokes the idea of the impressive architecture of ancient Alexandria and its thermal baths. While historical aqueducts were once used to transport precious water, today these monumental elements provide inspiration in modern bathroom architecture.