Balanced contrasts

Rammed clay – the architectural soul of Moroccan urbanity. A source of inspiration of natural origin that forms the perfect material composition when teamed with glass and titanium steel as well as their pure, naturally occurring compounds. This closes the circle between shaping architecture and products - with the BettePond Silhouette bath and BetteCraft washbasin shell at the centre. A space-forming relationship of the inside and outside. 

BettePond Silhouette
A stage for icons: with its special surface structure, the traditional clay construction method creates an exceptional presentation surface. The bathroom elements with the partly cylindrical bodies in glazed titanium steel radiate an elegant self-awareness. 

The circle is a primal symbol of mankind, and represents infinity and oneness. With their balanced shapes, the BettePond Silhouette and BetteCraft continue the architecture of the micro house 'Marrakech' and create a feeling of absolute harmony.

Sven Rensinghoff Marketing & Product Management

Modern Oriental influence

Worlds merge when elegant enamel meets coarse rammed clay. Bundled into an partnership of the finest natural materials in soft shades of beige, the result is an aesthetic that is as exciting as it is harmonious.

Naturalness connects

Clay, water, straw – rammed clay is one of the oldest building materials in the world. A pure natural product that is created over centuries and is ideal for a wide range of uses. Together with our products made of natural glazed titanium steel, the result is an architectural combination of eternal loveliness.

The perfect symbiosis

Rammed clay is non-flammable, and is one hundred percent fire-resistant. Properties that make our resistant steel enamel an indispensable component in successful bathroom architecture. Even burning candles won't damage the surface of our design objects.