Steel bath dressed in fabric
BetteLux Oval Couture baths and washbasins
The BetteLux Oval Couture line elevates the bathroom fitting to a lifestyle object. The first fabric-coated baths and washbasins bring comfort into the bathroom and bathroom comfort into your home. The body of these baths and washbasins is manufactured conventionally from enamelled titanium steel, yet the surround is made from woven waterproof and climate-resistant fabric. The unique advantages of enamelled titanium steel are elegantly fused with the feel of fabric and a cosy look.
BetteLux Oval Couture free-standing washbasin and free-standing bath
BetteLux Oval Couture free-standing washbasin

The designs of the BetteLux Oval Couture line comprise a free-standing bath and free-standing washbasin, available in four different colours of fabric.

BetteLux Oval Couture
BetteLux Oval Couture free-standing bath
BetteLux Oval Couture

Just feel it!

Our design line BetteLux Oval Couture brings upholstered textiles into the bathroom. This confirms style, creates a homely feeling, and increases the sensory experience. But how do you upholster a bath or washbasin? Very easily: our bathroom products in glazed titanium steel are covered in woven fabric, just like a good quality sofa. By hand, of course!

Maximum precision. Cutting out the exclusive functional fabric calls for a steady hand. BetteLux Oval Couture is upholstered and covered in elegant fabrics from JAB Anstietz at Bielefelder Werkstätten. First the cutting patterns are prepared.
It's the details that count: absolute precision is required to ensure that the fabrics fit perfectly on the bath or washbasin later on. Bielefelder Werkstätten is a traditional manufacturing company, and is where the fabric for BetteLux Oval Couture is carefully sewn.
Important first step: the bath is covered in foam before the fabric is applied. The foam padding is firmly attached to the frame with a spray gun. The padding is also carefully glued along the edge of the bath frame. Excess foam is trimmed away.
Nice and smooth: now the prepared fabric is fitted over the padding. Thanks to the careful preparation, it is already nice and tight. As with a good sofa, in the next step the fabric and frame are firmly joined together. Now all that needs to be done is shape the padding: any remaining unevenness is removed with a pin, applied to the padding with gentle pressure.
Real craftsmanship: the bathroom elements in glazed titanium steel are made by Bette in Delbrück. This shows the manual application of the coloured BetteGlaze®, which is then fired at 850°. The enamelling of the bath calls for a good eye and the greatest care to ensure that the end result is smooth and even.
Trying it on: the bath is suspended in the upholstered, fabric-covered frame. No slips: Velcro strips under the folded edge securely attach the bath to the upholstery. Done!
See things in a new light! Bette adds exciting dimensions to the functional character of the bathroom with BetteLux Oval Couture. The design line confirms it: constructive solutions, the innovative use of materials and an iconic design language open up the interior design of the bathroom for other creative style worlds.
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